Why You Should Avoid Soy Like The Plague!

Many people think soy is a health food which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Soy is one of the most destructive foods you can put into your body.
People that don’t eat meat think that soy is a safe form of protein to consume.
Little do they know what harm this substitute for meat is capable of doing.
You need to avoid soy like the plague.
If you want to see a list of just some of the studies on this poisonous bean click here and here.
You would be hard pressed to find a label
without soy somehow squeezed into most of the conventional foods that line store shelves.
If it wasn’t bad enough what soy does to our body, it is also  bad for our planet.
The majority of all soy bean crops grown today are genetically modified,
that’s right, FRANKENSTEIN FOOD.
The soybean was modified with a gene that causes it to not even die
even after being sprayed directly with pesticides!
There is concern over mutation of this gene and how it may create a pesticide like toxin
in your body after you ingest it.
How’s that for an appetite suppressant!


Reasons To Avoid Soy

  • Soy is loaded full of goitrogens.  
    These goitrogens suppress the thyroid gland and interfere with iodine uptake to the thyroid gland,
    thereby inhibiting the production of thyroid hormones.
    Very antagonistic to the thyroid! Just this one reason alone is enough to never eat it again.
  • Soy is a major phytoestrogen!
    These are plant based estrogens that mimic the estrogen we have in our bodies.
    More and more people are having hormone imbalance problems
    and one of the issues at hand is called estrogen dominance.
    Men and women can both have estrogen dominance.
    We are constantly being exposed to estrogen in our enviroment and our foods.
    A baby that drinks only soy formula all day long is getting the equivalent of 3-4 birth control pills a day!
    Estrogen can even be found in plastics such as plastic food storage containers and water bottles.
    These types of estrogens are called xenoestrogens.
    So……….why load up on even more estrogen by eating soy?
  • Soy has large amounts of  phytic acid.
    This phytic acid inhibits your body from absorbing important minerals.
  • Soy has trypsin inhibitors.
    We need trypsin because it is a valuable  enzyme that helps us digest protein.
    These trypsin inhibitors have been known to cause pancreas disorders.

Are There Any Soy Products That Are good?!

I realize that there are some who are just not ready to toss that soy yet.  There is a way to consume soy without all the nasty side effects we listed above.  It is best to avoid soy altogether but if you still choose to eat it then………………
I would follow the guidelines below and consume it sparingly.

1) If the soy you are using is organic, that is a step in the right direction.
If it is organic you won’t have all the chemicals and GMO’s ( genetically modified organisims ) to deal with.

2) It has to be properly fermented to remove the phytic acids.
Remember, the phytic acid keeps us from absorbing important nutrients and minerals.

The following FERMENTED soy products are ok to consume IF they are organic and you don’t already  have an “estrogen overload”  USE SPARINGLY:

Tempeh– fermented soybean cake

Natto– fermented soybeans

Soy sauce– Make sure it is fermented soy sauce, some are not.

Miso– fermented soybean paste

Tofu did NOT make the list.  Why?  It is not fermented.  Avoid it.


The sauce I recommend
because it:
 1) tastes great   2) is wheat free  3) gmo free and  4) fermented



There is another sauce I use and absoultely love.

It is not soy sauce but is similar, I use it on my stir frys,
marinades, sauces, and when I make meat dishes.
It has a slightly sweeter taste than soy sauce.


I know alot of people that drink soy milk because they can’t have dairy.
I get that.  There is a safe  dairy free  alternative to soy milk.
I have been drinking it for years.  Coconut milk!
I use it in smoothies, with cereal, or just drink a nice glass full of it!
It has so many health benefits.
It is actually considered a superfood!
It also is known to speed up the metabolism and is thyroid friendly  🙂
I keep this item well stocked in my house.
We use it for many things such as cooking, smoothies,  golden milk, etc…..

So. if you do have soy,
be careful to make sure it is used sparingly and it’s fermented and organic.
If you are still hesitant, you have  healthy alternatives.  🙂

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