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Tasty Two Bean Salad

This nutritious and high in fiber Tasty Two Bean Super Salad contains lots of healthy and yummy tasting veggies and herbs and is sure to please the palate. This is one of my favorite go to snacks to have on hand in the fridge.  It is also good to make as a side dish or as a meal all by…

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Lana’s Fully Loaded No Potato Salad

This No Potato Salad is down right tasty!!! Even though there are no potatoes in it, it tastes  better to me than normal potato salad. So, if you are nightshade sensitive or just plain watching the carbs, this recipe is for you!! It is chock full of healthy vegetables and packed with flavor!! Next time you  bring a dish for…

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Creamy Avocado Coconut Milk Ranch Dressing Recipe

I love, love, love ranch dressing for just about everything. It makes anything taste extra yummy 🙂 I needed to learn how to make a dairy free ranch dressing because I am currently dealing with sensitivities to dairy. I have done a lot of experimenting and trial and error  to come up with one that I really like. That’s how…

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Super Scrumptious Paleo Shrimp and Vegetable Salad

  This salad is just perfect for those nights you want a  super quick and nutritious meal. I always try to incorporate a lot of vegetables into my daily diet because their so nutrient packed and this salad is super loaded with lots  of  colorful veggies .Yum!! It’s quick and easy to put together too 🙂  and super,duper delicious!! Hope you enjoy it…

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