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Oregano Oil -Powerful Flu (Influenza) Fighter!!

  Looking for an alternative to conventional antibiotics for treating  influenza?? You may want to take a closer look at oregano oil! Oregano oil has been touted and heralded as  the strongest, most effective natural antibiotic by many loyal users of this oil. This potent oil packs a powerful punch! Oregano oil ( origanum vulgare ) is derived from the  leaves and flowers of…

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Fermented Vegetable Medley- Probiotic Rich Yumminess!

Wow, what a yummy way to get your probiotics!  I am talking more probiotics in a cupful than an ENTIRE bottle of potent probiotic supplement!  Of course you are not going to eat a cupful of vegetable medley in one sitting, (or are you?!) but, I like to have a couple heaping tablespoons with each meal.  That could come close…

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How to Make Your Own Powerful Probiotics and Save Lots of Money!!

You would be hard pressed to find one person walking this planet that has never been on an antibiotic of some kind.  In fact, there are multitudes of people who have been on several rounds of antibiotics during their life time.  Antibiotics have been sorely misused and over used.  This has caused a plethora of problems.  Now our world is…

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