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Beta Glucan: Rev Up Your Immune System!

      Beta Glucan is an immunomodulator, a substance to help normalize our immune system and modify it’s response. It is known to activate your immune system  while not over stimulating it which is very important as you will read further in this article.  It’s important to understand that cancer, sickness, and disease can’t exist in a body with…

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Five Powerful Things to Help in Treating Lyme Disease

      The subject of Lyme disease is such a broad,complex and controversial subject. During a lot of my own research  I have come across some very encouraging  things to help enhance your quality of life as one is trying to recover from this potentially debilitating disease. So what is Lyme disease??? Simply put Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection (caused…

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How to Make Your Own Powerful Probiotics and Save Lots of Money!!

You would be hard pressed to find one person walking this planet that has never been on an antibiotic of some kind.  In fact, there are multitudes of people who have been on several rounds of antibiotics during their life time.  Antibiotics have been sorely misused and over used.  This has caused a plethora of problems.  Now our world is…

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The Immune System and How Sugar Can Affect It

  The Immune System and How Sugar Can  Affect It    Oh  Sugar! Many people turn to sugar for their “go to” for a pick me up in their energy level. For others, sugar laden junk food is their first choice when it comes to comfort food.  When you eat sweets it releases a substance called “endorphins”, a morphine like…

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