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Decadent Dairy Free White Chocolate Fudge

This recipe is excellent for those out there who are on a caffeine and/or dairy restricted  diet. I am still in the process of healing my adrenal glands . I had what you call adrenal fatigue. (go here to learn more about adrenal fatigue)While healing my adrenals I was not supposed to have any kind of stimulants like coffee (unless…

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Healthy Dark Chocolate Fudge (Dairy and Nut free)

When I talk about living deliciously on a restricted diet I really am not kidding. For instance, this recipe is just one such example. Not only is it terribly yummy it is quite possibly the healthiest fudge you may ever eat. That’s how I like to operate. I want it healthy but intoxicating to the taste buds too 🙂 I…

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