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The Game Changer When Fighting Cancer….The Diet

Does your diet have any relevance when fighting cancer?  The answer is a resounding YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chances are extremely high that you will not hear this at your oncologist visit. How many people have heard from their doctor that it doesn’t matter what you eat when fighting cancer, it won’t make a difference? My heart sinks, because this answer couldn’t be…

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Cell Phone Radiation- Does It Affect Our Health And What Can We Do?

Do cell phones have adverse effects on our health? How about………………..can they cause cancer? Hmmmmmmmm. The studies that have been coming out aren’t looking very favorable. I have been screaming from the roof top for years to ”  please get that phone out of your pocket, out of your bra, in fact, get it off your body!!!! ”  Many of…

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Beta Glucan: Rev Up Your Immune System!

      Beta Glucan is an immunomodulator, a substance to help normalize our immune system and modify it’s response. It is known to activate your immune system  while not over stimulating it which is very important as you will read further in this article.  It’s important to understand that cancer, sickness, and disease can’t exist in a body with…

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Copaiba – Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Inflammatory and So Much More!!

Copaiba resin is made from the sap of an evergreen tree in the genus Copaifera . The resin from these South American trees has a  sweet balsam like and woodsy aroma. Steam distillation is used in making this precious resin into the oil that many have grown to use and love. Copaiba has been used for centuries by the South American…

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Dandelion- A Cancer Fighter Growing In Your Back Yard

When I was a weeee little girl, I remember picking those little yellow flowers that dominated my back yard. I would make necklaces, bracelets, smear them on my sisters face, oh you name it. I would gather a bunch of these little golden flowers, ants and all and make my momma a pretty bouquet for the kitchen table. I would…

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CBD Oil For Cancer, Seizures, Mental Health, And So Much More

    Just for the record we are going to be talking about cannabidiol oil. (CBD). It is NON- psychoactive meaning IT WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH, EVER, non- addictive, and 100 percent legal. As researchers continue to study CBD, more and more benefits of this cannabinoid are being discovered. A lot of these studies are very impressive. Just a…

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Organic Sulfur – A Tool In The Fight Against Cancer

  I know you are wondering “What in the world is organic sulfur?!” Organic sulfur is a naturally occurring compound in our body. You will also find it in many natural foods. Organic sulfur is msm (methylsulfonylmethane) in it’s purest form, free of additives, fillers, chemicals, anti-caking agents and excipients. It  is not to be mistaken for the inferior msm…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Eat An Avocado Daily!

Most people think the avocado is a vegetable, not so. It is a fruit.  In fact it is considered one large berry with a single seed! It fits the definition of being a fruit because it is the matured ovary of a flower, has a fleshly pulp and a seed. This fruit gives benefits from beautiful skin to helping protect…

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“DA BOMB” Cancer Fighting Smoothie!

  This cancer fighting smoothie will pack a powerful punch in the fight against cancer! How? First,  avocados have been shown to inhibit the growth of some cancers. They are rich is powerful antioxidants like carotenoids, lutein, vitamin e, and glutathione. Second, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries are high in ellagic acid which helps cause death to cancer cells, “apoptosis” aka…

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8 Impressive Health Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin!

Turmeric also known as curcuma longa  may well be the most impressive herb in the world. This herb has been the subject of many studies, and no wonder when you learn of the numerous health benefits it has.  This antioxidant rich, potent anti-inflammatory, culinary spice is top dog when you come right down to it. It’s potential to prevent and reverse…

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