Eight Health Benefits of Rebounding

Hold On… Rebounding Does What?!

Like I was, you will be amazed when you learn what kind of benefits rebounding can do for your health.  It is an  incredible tool for boosting your immune system, losing weight, detoxing and so much more.   When it comes to your health, remember, your immune system IS EVERYTHING.  Did you notice that on this website there are multiple articles on improving your immune system?  We take this subject pretty serious.  With a healthy intact immune system, disease won’t come knocking on your door.  I use my rebounder daily and I have for many years.  I absolutely love it.  It has changed my life.


 What is Rebounding?


Well, as NASA puts it,” Rebounding is the most efficient, effective form of exercise devised by man.”  I have found it to be the ultimate exercise to enhance your immune system quickly.  Rebounding is low impact bouncing on a mini trampoline.  There are different kinds of bounces and movements to incorporate into this exercise and each one has their own benefit.
This mighty bouncing machine was made to encourage the body’s natural healing process
while strengthening every cell of your body.
If that wasn’t enough, there is much more that this mini trampoline can do.  Read on.



How does Rebounding Work?


Our body has what is called the lymphatic system.  It is part of our circulatory system.  The lymphatic system transports lymph, a clear, colorless fluid.  This fluid is used to cleanse those nasty toxins from our body.  When you bounce up and down on a rebounder this creates an increase in the circulation of lymph fluid because of the gravitational pull that causes the lymph valves to open.  When you are going upward on the mini trampoline the valves open.  As you come down and land on the mat, the G-Force causes lymphatic drainage by a gentle squeezing on the cells.  This action pulls out toxins and  improves circulation helping to detoxify your whole system.  Your joints receive  very little impact because the rebounder mat absorbs almost 90%  of the shock of the bounce.  This is a safe exercise that is very healing to your body’s cells.  There is no other exercise like this that will stimulate and detoxify the cells of your veins, arteries, organs, and tissues while at the same time flushing your entire lymph system.  Talk about taking out the trash!



What are the 8 Benefits of Rebounding?


Ahh, now to my favorite part.  There are numerous benefits to rebounding.

  1.  Burn Calories –   For starters, I bet you didn’t know that you can burn more calories rebounding than walking or jogging with almost 90% less shock, less effort, and in my opinion, much safer.
  2. Cancer-   By detoxifying all your cells this will enhance your immune system.  Many people use rebounding as a powerful adjunct to their healing protocol.  If you do the health bounce for 3 minutes every waking  hour (when possible), this triples your white blood cells and gives a complete flush to your lymph system.  I believe if you change your diet and rebound you will see huge changes in your health.
  3. Detox-  Because bouncing flushes out the toxins, it is wise to be sure you are drinking adequate amounts of quality water to help this process.  It is also a good idea to start out bouncing for just a few minutes a day and GRADUALLY  add a little more time each day.  This is to avoid detoxing to fast and experiencing unpleasant side effects such as headaches and flu like symptoms.  These symptoms are actually good and show that you are detoxing the toxins out of your body but none the less, they are unpleasant, so start out easy and work your way up.
  4. Increase white blood cells-  bouncing for only 5-10 minutes will triple your WBC.  The increased WBC will stay elevated to that level for up to an hour.  Do this several times a day.
  5. Improves digestion-  the contracting and relaxing of the muscles helps to clean out the digestive tract.  Be sure to drink ample amounts of water and add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as well.
  6. Helps with varicose veins-  can help existing veins and help to prevent getting more by increasing circulation and blood flow.  Increased blood flow and circulation can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with varicose veins.
  7. Improves cellulite-  bouncing reduces the appearance of cellulite because it accelerates circulation of lymphocytes (WBC)  which helps break the cellulite down.  This exercise causes contraction of muscles which in turn pushes lymph fluid out of the places in your body where there is cellulite. At the same time, when your lymph system is not up to par, fluid starts collecting around cells, this can account for quite a bit of extra weight sometimes.  Fluid that is stagnant can gather in certain areas like the leg area and attach to fat cells that become swollen.  This can contribute to cellulite and varicose veins.  Regular rebounding in combination with body brushing, and diet changes can go a long way when it comes to helping eliminate cellulite.
  8. Immune system-  Whenever I am around people that are sick with a cold or the flu or I feel like I may be coming down with something I use my rebounder several times a day doing 3-5 minute health bounces.  This is extremely effective for me.  I also cut out the sugar.


          Types of Bounces


  1.  Health bounce-   bounce with both feet on the mat.  Your feet DO NOT leave the mat as you go up and down.  Pretend your feet are glued down.  Keep 12 inches between your feet.  Bounce gently.
  2. Strength bounce-  This is jumping, your feet actually leave the mat.  The higher you jump, the stronger the G-force on each cell.
  3.  Aerobic bounce-  This is a creative and fun kind of a bounce  🙂  You can jog, sprint, do twists, dance, just have fun while toning your body.  Some rebounders come with stabilizer bars to use for added safety for people that don’t have the best balance.


********Remember, most quality rebounders come with the option of having a stabilizer bar for those who need the extra balance support********



Rebounders,You Get What You Pay For!


When you think about it, the initial cost for a rebounder can be a little costly for some people.  The way I see it is that this is a powerful tool to improve your health.  It is a gift that will keep on giving well through the years.   An investment that will pay great dividends.   I have had my rebounder for about 10  years and  because of the high quality of the frame, springs, and mat I have never had to get any replacement parts so far.  I use it A LOT.   I am very partial to the one I have, however, there are some other good units out there as well that are also quality rebounders.  Some popular ones are the Bellicon,  JumpSport, Cellerciser, and Rebound Air to name a few.   Whatever you do, remember, you will get what you pay for when it comes to buying a rebounder.  You don’t want a cheap one from a retail store with a low quality frame, springs, and mat.  I have a friend who did this and it was very low quality and in my opinion unsafe.  It’s not worth risking possible injury.  So…………….. Now, go get your bounce on!


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