Oregano Oil -Powerful Flu (Influenza) Fighter!!


Looking for an alternative to conventional
antibiotics for treating  influenza??
You may want to take a closer look at oregano oil!

Oregano oil has been touted and heralded as  the strongest,
most effective natural antibiotic by many loyal users of this oil.
This potent oil packs a powerful punch!

Oregano oiloriganum vulgare ) is derived from the  leaves and flowers of the  plant, in fact, it takes over a whopping 900 pounds of the wild oregano plant to produce a mere pound of oregano oil!  It is high in phenols,  carvacrol being  the most abundant  and thymol.  Both of these phenols exhibit  strong antioxidant and antiseptic qualities.  Carvacrol,  powerful constituent in oregano oil has been proven to penetrate the outer cell membranes.  These outer cell membranes  can act as a protective barrier for the bacteria and keep them from being taken out by the immune system.
Research has proven that
oregano oil is very successful at killing bacteria, viruses, microbes, fungus, pathogens, and parasites!!!!!!! It is  definitely one of the best broad range herbs in the natural world and is great for treating those more stubborn infections and in preventing them.  This is the one we use here.

It is a great alternative to conventional antibiotics
which have  undesirable side effects that come with their use and can only  help with bacteria not viruses.
With the over use of conventional antibiotics and the fact that some of these bugs going around are becoming resistant to these man made antibiotics, many are turning to the more potent plant based remedies that are proving to be quite useful all while not building up any resistance whatsoever!

~ I know of countless people who end up going to the ER and spending money they don’t have only to be told they have a virus and it can’t be treated anyway.  They are told to go home and weather it out as best as they can.  This is where oregano oil shines, not only is it being used as a powerful antibiotic but it is also showing great results when being used to fight various viruses.

How to recognize a high quality oil:

-Make sure it comes from a high quality , clean and reputable source and is free of any toxic excipients, adulterants, or fillers. 
You want the highest potency of 100% pure and undiluted oil.
This is one that I know is of very high quality and I know to be a very pure and effective oil.
The best part ?? It is also way more affordable than all the other MLM oil companies out there.

( To see why we use this brand when it comes to all our essential oil needs, click here. ) 

On PubMed ( the number one database for scientific evidence based literature )

you can read over 800 studies that make reference to carvacrol and see how the  studies support how carvacrol can have a significant impact on viruses, bacteria infections, cancer, parasites, inflammation, and fungal infections!

Because it is a very strong, potent oil it is recommended  to use no longer than 7-10 days at a time.
I personally use 2 drops at a time put into an empty gel capsule when taking it orally, as it is very strong and spicy in the mouth and throat for most people. I have taken this dose 1-3 times a day when fighting an upper respiratory infection or the flu.  I am not advocating that you ingest the oil I am simply saying that I made the personal choice to do so because I trust the brand and I know that this is a plant that can be ingested and I do so carefully.  See disclaimer below.
To see why we choose Plant Therapy oils over all others go here.

 **There are many people who ingest this oil, that being said we do not recommend ingestion of ANY essential oils unless you are under the direction and supervision of someone who is qualified to administer the oil in this way. Always check with your doctor first.**

Many people including myself have also rubbed a couple drops of oil with about 1/2 tsp. coconut oil and rubbed into the bottom of your feet.  This is a very effective method.

Always remember, when fighting any sickness it is imperative that you eliminate sugar consumption or you will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the oregano oil.

Sugar takes down the immune system.

Why would you want to put something into the body that fights the buggies all while consuming something that attacks the immune system at a time when you need it to function optimally?

Note: You should never give oregano oil to infants and children. It is not recommended for pregnant
or nursing mothers either.

It is also recommended after using either conventional or natural antibiotics  to follow up with a high quality probiotic which will replenish  the good bacteria you need for a strong and healthy immune system.

It’s nice to know that there are safe alternatives out there!
When this oil is used correctly under professional guidance,
it is an effective powerhouse with no negative and dangerous side effects.
This Potent oil really DOES pack a punch!

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