My Personal Shopping Review For Wish(Dot)Com

(Updated in 2018 )
“It HAS to be too good to be true!” 
I thought, as I scrolled through the endless pages of

“$2 for that watch??”
“$4 for that facial cleansing brush???”
“$1 for that gorgeous necklace?!”
“Is there a button that adds EVERYTHING into my cart at once?! ”
My husband wouldn’t have been too thrilled with me. 🙂
However the prices I was seeing were just amazing.

Is this site a scam?
What’s the quality like?
How long does it take to ship to me?
So many questions and so few answers.
I HAD to order from this website and find out for myself.

I did JUST enough research to make sure that I wouldn’t be handing over my credit card information to just ANYONE
and that I really would receive my packages.
Satisfied with the answers that I was seeing, I headed on over to to do a little shopping. 🙂
Here is a short review about what I learned from ordering.

What is
This is What I Found Out.

Well, If you like bargain shopping, you will love this site.
However, you do need to know that you are not buying directly from the US company.
You are buying from merchants and sellers from around the world.
Not just from itself.  (That worried me a bit, but I kept researching.)
So why are the prices so low? Most of the deals and bargains are shipped from China.
Yes there is customer service available. By phone or email.
While you are shopping on or their phone app,
understand that you are dealing and buying from multiple merchants.

The Selection

There is definitely no shortage of items to pick from on this website.
Shoes, dresses, tops, swimwear, jackets, makeup, hair styling tools, window cleaner, baby clothing and other random items (There is even a wish|baby website, which I also ended up ordering from).
There were towels, phone cases, razors, purses, rugs, bedspreads, shoes and SO MUCH MORE.  I even saw a laptop on there!
The list just goes on and on.
For this little shopping experiment, I put some clothing, jewelry, fake eyelashes, and a baby item in my cart.

The Shipping

The shipping can take anywhere between 1 week to 3 months.
Mine took anywhere from 2 weeks to a month and a half.
If you prep yourself mentally when you order that  you WILL  need to wait a little while, you’ll be just fine.
I don’t know about you, but after I order something online,
I run to the window every time I see mail lady coming to my house.

Unfortunately, my items did not all come together.
The items all came separately, neatly wrapped in little plastic bags. Some, weeks apart.
However, I could somehow track the order process with the phone app. All I had to do was go into my order history, and they would
give me an estimated date that my item would get to me. UPDATE: You pay separate shipping on each item.
So that $1 item, could have  $5 shipping.

The Quality and What I Saw When I Opened My Packages! 


                                                                                     Item Number 1

So, this little gem I was planning on wearing around the house to get an “ooh la la” out of my husband.
It was meant to be a very fitted, lower cut,  and feminine type of shirt.
As you can see from the picture, it’s baggier and bigger than the size small that I ordered and has a pretty high cut neckline.
The color, and texture were exact to the picture I had looked at before ordering.
Still, I stashed this one in the back of my closet. 😉

The quality was actually decent for the $6 that I paid for it. ( Right now, the website has this priced at FREE, you just pay shipping.)
It was not see thru, although a lighter color (white or cream) from this website will almost always be see thru.
The material was good, comfortable and not cheaply made.

                                                                                       Item Number 2

For the $9 that I spent on this, I really do like what I ordered!
The quality was pretty good, a few strings here and there that I just cut off. I would however wash it on a more delicate cycle in your washing machine.
The colors were the same as pictured. The hood was smaller than I had hoped it would be but still wearable and the drawstring was also shorter.
The sizing was just as described. Overall, I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it out! 🙂

                                                                                         Item Number 3

Okay so WOW!
This is by far my favorite item that I ordered from the site.
And not just because the quote is from a Luke Bryan song 😉 (Kick the Dust Up)
It came exactly like the picture. The sizing was exact.  The quality is amazing!  This shirt is actually soft to the touch.
And $4?!  You can NOT beat that price. I was very impressed with this purchase.

                                                                                 Item Number 4

This top was $9. 
This one looked just like the picture. I ordered a small, but I would say it fit bigger,
pretty close to a medium.
The material was similar to a swimsuit.
I was cutting strings off of it before I even washed it, but I think it will be fine if I hand wash it
or throw it on a delicate cycle in my washer.
Color was just as described and my husband LOVES the style of this top. 🙂

                                                                                        Item Number 5

I loved this swimsuit! I paid $9 for it.
It was very close to size, the design is adorable, and the quality is about the same as you would buy at Kohls.

                                                                                        Item Number 6

These earrings were $2.
The style was just as described in the picture.
However, my opinion is that the color of the earrings are just dull.
The green was brighter in the picture so I was slightly disappointed with these.
With that being said, the quality was just fine. (not great, just fine)
Similar to something you would buy at a fair on an impulse buy. 😉

                                                                                 Item Number 7 

The sizing on this ring was big. So I wouldn’t buy it with the hopes of wearing it on your ring finger.
However, for $1, the quality and over look of this ring was beautiful!

                                                                                      Item Number 8

This thing is just such a cool idea. I paid $3 for it, right now you can get it for free on the website.
You pop it over your kiddos head in the bathtub and you can rinse out the shampoo without it getting in their eyes or ears!
It has little buttons in the back to adjust to head size.
I honestly think that it would work better with very little head hair.
When I tried to put it on, it did end up getting tangled in the little ones hair and she wasn’t a happy camper.
But the idea is just so so neat. It looked plastic in the picture but when it arrived it was foam and had a strong chemical smell so I had
to air it outside to get rid of the strong chemical smell.
I am going to keep it though.

                                                                                      Item Number 9

These lashes were a FREE gift just for ordering. I did get to pick from a list of things and this is what I chose.
In all honesty, I’ll probably just end up using them for a costume event because the style is a little too dramatic for everyday use.
Very cool though.

                                                                                   Item Number 10

This dress was ordered from the Wish|Baby site.
I paid $5 for it.
I think this was the first thing that I ever ordered from Wish
so I didn’t even bother to look at reviews on the dress.
The style of the dress is just darling!
Just be careful with washing because the quality is kind of delicate.
You’ll see a couple strings here and there that you’ll have to cut off,
but the color hasn’t faded with washing.
Overall, I loved it on her and was very pleased with this buy.

                                                                                            Item 11 

So after seeing a picture online of a girl in a tutu skirt with top to match, I started scrolling through WISH to see what I could find.
Guys! Look at this! BOTH of these were purchased through wish. The slightly off the shoulder lace top ($8) and white tutu skirt.($5.95)
I am VERY happy with the quality of both. I will most likely hand wash both to get as much life out of them as I can. They came exactly as pictured. Woo hoo!

                                                                                           Item 12

This ring was FREE. Plus Shipping. Hahaha!
In all seriousness though, The shipping was about $3. The quality is stunning!
It’s not as sparkly as when I first got it (It’s been worn with lots of love)
for for $3 I am thrilled.
Quick little story… I pawned my wedding ring for rent money in the first month of my marriage. ( It stung for a week but since then have realized that I don’t need a ring to represent my love for my hubby.
Since then, I have gotten rings like this to wear on my ring finger to show I’m off limits and committed to my handsome hubby. This ring definitely does the trick ya’ll. You will LOVE it if you decide to order.

                                                                                              Item 13

EEEK! $3 for this beauty.
It is heavy, and amazing quality. I have seen hats like this on online boutiques for $20- $30.
It IS unisex but I ( A picky hat person to the extent of not buying hats because I can’t find one that I like)
LOVE how this looks on me. It hangs off to the site a bit. The color is adorbs, and by this point I hope I sold you. 🙂

~ My Summary.
I learned to look at all of the comments and reviews on an item BEFORE buying and to consider them seriously,
no matter how cute the picture of the item looks 😉
These are people that actually bought the item before you and know what they’re talking about. Read as many of them as you can. Not just the top comments.

Depending on the item, you get what you pay for, but if you do enough research on it before you pop it in your cart,
you really will get a bargain on some of these items.
I don’t think I would order anything HUGE on this site. So that laptop I mentioned earlier???  MMMMMM….. probably not. If the reviews and price are absolutely STELLAR, I might think about it. HEHE.
Cute little baby outfits that they’ll outgrow in 6 months? YES! Totally.
It all depends on how big the item is. REMINDER: ALWAYS LOOK AT THE REVIEWS ON THE ITEM BEFORE YOU BUY. 4 and 5 star items are usually good!
Will I be ordering from there again? I think I will! 🙂
I’ll probably un-install my app for the time being so I’m not tempted to spend my gas money when a new item pops up on my phone. 😉

If you’d like to take a look for yourself, go here!

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