Lana’s Health Wake Up Call and Personal Healing Journey



I would like to  first state that this is my
personal  healing journey.

I am in no wise encouraging anyone to do what I did.
See the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. This is what personally worked for me.
Different people may have different outcomes.
I am not a doctor and am not trying to give medical advice to anyone.
I am just sharing what worked for me.

A lot of the information here was found by hours
of researching and learning about a lot of  different healing methods used by different people.
This is  a compilation of that  research and personal  experience specifically unique to my own health situation.
As with anything, always check with your doctor first.
My name is Lana. 🙂
I am a wife and mother to 5 beautiful girls! I am truly blessed.
A while back I discovered a  mass in my left breast.
It started out just under an inch in diameter and in a matter of months grew to a two inch mass.
It was growing fast.  Not good. Being concerned I got some tests done.
I received some very concerning test results.
I had gotten some various blood work done (A Cancer Profile Test which tests blood and urine for 7 cancer markers)
and a Thermogram
(alternative to a mammogram that uses infra-red imaging with no radiation). Just the concern from the nurse doing my thermogram alone began to be very unsettling.
The  results were not  encouraging.  Two  cancer markers were not good. The doctor that read the blood work results told me to start a cancer protocol……….NOW.
The thermogram test results as well, were dismal.  I was told on the day I got my thermogram that I could expect to get a call in about a week with my results.  It wasn’t even 24 hours later and I got a phone call from the nurse who already had the results to my thermogram! The tone in her voice was urgent, she told me that she recommended I get a biopsy immediately, it did’t look good.

I decided after talking it over with my husband and praying for direction that I would go against the flow
and try and heal via the “alternative” route and prayer.
I just couldn’t justify getting a lumpectomy and biopsy right away and jumping into chemo and radiation. I knew that a needle aspiration during a biopsy procedure was very capable of spreading unhealthy cells.  I also know that you shouldn’t use something that causes cancer (radiation) to find cancer, not to mention , many women don’t know that if you have a tumor or a mass in your breast that when you compress it with a mammogram you risk the possibility of it shedding cells. I got much support from family and friends in my endeavor to trust God and seek for natural and holistic treatments during this journey.  Yes, there is always a handful of people that will think you are crazy and risking your life.  They meant well, but I knew what I wanted to do because it was my body, my choice, I asked that they would honor that.
I knew I had time to think this through and determine exactly the best course of action that would be best for me to take.  I have heard countless situations how people got a diagnosis and rushed into treatment.  No time to think it through, just BAM, rush into treatment.  Why, because they were being pumped full of fear at what would happen should they wait and think it through.
It was my body so I needed to do what I felt comfortable with.


I needed to make some changes.


We were going to beat this thing with God, some extreme nutrition,
diet changes, and a plan to fortify my immune system to get back into fighting mode.
This meant cutting a lot of foods from my diet that were either inflammatory
or  highly acidic like dairy and meats.
I learned disease can not live in an alkaline body, and most foods are highly acidic.

All forms of sugar  including high fructose corn syrup had to go because they feed and promote cancer growth.
It’s their main food and eating those foods now is like adding kerosene onto a fire.
Sugar greatly suppresses the immune system and is also highly acidic.
You only get cancer and disease when you have  a compromised immune system.

My typical daily diet would be  mainly about 75-80% raw vegan.
This consisted  of a lot  of vegetable salads with dark leafy greens as the main base,
super antioxidant berry  coconut milk smoothies, and lots of  homemade juices (mainly carrot).

Each morning I would make my  favorite alkalizing green smoothie drink.
It is packed with so much goodness and cancer fighting greens. See the recipe here.
This was another one of my favorite smoothie drinks here too.  It is fully loaded with potent cancer fighting ingredients.

I also incorporated  small amounts of raw, sprouted , organic nuts and seeds
(no cashews, pistachios or peanuts, these are all very high in molds, aflatoxins, and fungus).
I would eat organic meats in small portions only 3 times a week. More but only once a day if I was getting too underweight.
I ate no red meats because they are highly acidic or smoked and  processed meats because they  are proven that they can  be carcinogenic .
I usually ate  organic chicken , wild caught fish and organic ground turkey.
The reason why meat consumption in high amounts is strongly discouraged is because
it is extremely hard for the body to break down and digest.
You want all your body’s enzymes and energies to go towards fighting whatever is going on in your body,
not to digesting hard to break down foods.
I would only have  organic or free range eggs maybe a few times each week.
Same principal here.  I wanted to mainly eat live and raw foods that were much easier on my body’s digestive system
that didn’t need much breaking down.

When I did allow myself small amounts of cooked foods , I usually would make a paleo treat
of some kind.  Desperation is the mother of invention,
at least it was in my case.
I needed to still occasionally have a dessert that tasted sweet to me
but yet still  safe for me to have.
Remember cancer loves sugar!!
Sugar promotes cancer growth and weakens the immune system greatly.
Make sure you check out my recipe section in the blog, especially the desserts!!
I will be continually adding to it so keep checking back 🙂

I also made plenty of homemade chicken vegetable soup
with many different kinds of vegetables
in it and lots of cancer fighting herbs to season with.
Occasionally I would enjoy a steamed sweet potato which was really a treat for me 🙂
I also ate avocados like they were going out of style.
These are one of the healthiest foods on the planet as far as I am concerned.

My snack foods were things like a granny smith apple (these apples are lowest in sugars)
with organic almond nut butter on it ,
my homemade berry sorbets sweetened only with stevia,
once in a while a little cooked organic sprouted brown rice
or a piece of sprouted organic sourdough bread with some ghee
( clarified butter without the problematic lactose and casein in it) on it.
However,  I tried to get in a lot of raw foods in my main diet, mainly vegetables .

We were never designed to eat the foods most people eat, highly processed, overcooked , chemical , pesticide and hormone laden foods with sooo many additives and preservatives that are banned in other countries and with such high amounts of sugars and refined salts.
Whatever you put in your mouth will either promote disease or help to heal disease. On very rare occasions have that treat but it should never be a lifestyle.

The hardest part was I knew my coffee had to go.
Coffee is extremely acidic and taxes the adrenal glands , (a major organ of the endocrine system) ,
causes hormonal imbalance and causes many digestive disturbances over time.
Not to mention it is a very heavily sprayed crop.
These things  I wanted to avoid so my body could heal.

However with that I must confess, I learned that if I drank an organic swiss water  method decaf
( this method  removes 99.9 % of the  caffeine without the use of chemical solvents)
only twice a week with coconut milk and stevia to sweeten,
that this was  probably the safest way for me to occasionally still enjoy my coffee without completely giving it up.
Its mainly the caffeine that causes the issues and the high amount of pesticides on the beans themselves.
An extra perk I learned to get rid of the high acid in  coffee, you add a big pinch of baking soda which you can not taste at all and mix in.

The only things  I would drink  were plenty of good , filtered water ( learn about one of the best filters in the world here)
( I would aim for 8-12 cups a day as I learned this is essential for healing), organic herbal teas, lots of freshly made juices with my juicer, stevia sweetened lemonade, and that occasional coffee I talked about 😉

I will probably  need to stay on this healing diet of mine indefinitely for I have learned that , when you go back to your old ways of bad eating , the disease almost certainly comes back.  I feel I could do it if I have too now that I’ve tweaked a lot of things to keep it doable.  I  very occasionally will eat out with the family , however I try to order healthier options and I still will not eat sugar. I keep my eating out very limited . It gives me something to look forward too 🙂

I will admit it is not always easy to be on this special diet, but I also know,  when I stick to it I definitely start to feel better.  There must be something to it. When the body is given the right tools to thrive and excel, some pretty amazing things start to happen. The immune system, when strong and healthy, will  fight all disease and start to heal the body. That’s what it was always meant to do,  but with a poor diet and lifestyle your  immune system greatly weakens so it can’t do its job.   So, the key is having a healthy immune system which is what this diet is all about.


  Detox and Cleansing

For any protocol to work really well you first need to do a gentle detox/cleanse  of some kind to get rid of all the toxic sludge and buildup that is really bogging down the body. Most people’s bodies are on toxic overload from poor diets, environmental toxins , electrical pollution and the list goes on and on.
I  learned to first do a colon cleanse and then proceed on to do a full body detox .
I chose Advanced TRS. It’s a very effective  toxin and contaminant removal system by Coseva.
I will most likely be doing a periodic cleanse here and there throughout the year to maintain.
We live in such a toxic world it’s really not a bad idea. It helps free the body up from all toxic buildup
so it can  really take in all the good stuff your going to be giving it.


                                     The Power of Herbs

After doing some research and reading many testimonials,

these are the most helpful herbs I learned to use in my healing journey.
Frankincense essential oil ,   I would put 1 drop under my tongue 3 times a day.
To learn why we choose Plant Therapy Essential Oils click here.
To learn more about the power of Frankincense, click here.
Ginger (said to be 10,000 times stronger than chemo and without any harmful side effects ), It can also be added to the smoothie, how ever I could get it in ,I just got it in. 2 tsp. a day works well for me in divided doses.
Golden Paste used to make golden milk
a highly bio available form of turmeric made: with turmeric powder, black pepper and coconut oil,
then cooked for 10 minutes on med-high heat , but do not boil.
Put in a jar and cap and store in the refrigerator.
Then put 1 tsp. of this mixture into warmed coconut milk and 1 tsp. ginger, stir and drink warm.
I would do this twice a day. I had  just made an extremely bio available, immune enhancing,  powerful drink for my protocol 🙂
That’s really all I am allowed to say to keep FDA compliant 😉 )
To learn much more about turmeric click here.
To see the Golden milk recipe in it’s entirety click here.
A great alternative to making your own golden milk drink with turmeric would be
the  Life Extension Super Bio- Curcumin capsules (one a day).

Also, Myrrh essential oil.
I would  massage 2 drops of this oil into the bottoms of my feet.

                                      Daily Supplements

I took 30 mg. Zinc , probiotics ( one with high shelf stability , multiple strains and  that can survive the stomach acid)
and Grass fed gelatin each day (these I took to heal my gut and digestion issues).
About 75-80% of the immune system is in the gut .
My stomach acid was very low and  contributing to many digestive issues that were making me heal more slowly.
If left unchecked I found it could lead to much larger problems besides  my not getting well.
I also took 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider vinegar in 1/2 cup of water 10 minutes before eating with a digestive enzyme.
I  incorporated fermented foods like sauerkraut  into my diet. Fermented foods like sauerkraut (see easy recipe here)
are super powerful probiotic rich foods that everyone can certainly benefit from. They help heal the gut which is where most
of your immune system resides. Making your own probiotics like this are way more potent and it’s much more affordable to make your own.
If you don’t have the time to make your own then a good quality probiotic supplement like this one I would recommend.
I have to say my digestion got much better and I no longer have those bothersome symptoms
that come with weak digestion such as leaky gut,  multiple food allergies and sensitivities,
candida issues , bloating ,flatulence etc…

Other daily supplements I took specific to my needs were : A good liquid  vitamin drink to meet all my needs in things I may of been lacking in.
Iodine 6mg taken with selenium200mg
Vitamin E (200 iu )
Vitamin D3  6000 IU ( very important) I learned it must  be taken with K2 (MK7) or it can begin to calcify in unwanted places in the body’s soft tissues like the arteries, kidneys, brain, heart and breast. I took about 100mcg of the K2 per each 2000 I.U. vitamin D that I took.
Calcium ( also needs to be taken with  K2 (MK7 for the same reason) Magnesium .
Milk Thistle
Krill oil
B Complex
Holy basil

Boswellia Serrata

CBD oil (Cannabidiol)

I took around 20mg. sublingual under my tongue 3 times daily.
NOTE: I am listing 5 studies below for you to look at so you can understand why I chose to use CBD oil in my healing journey. Many pre-clinical reports show how cbd  has anti tumor properties, increases cancer cell death, and may inhibit spreading of cancer (metastasis).  I am also  hearing some amazing and powerful testimonials of people using this for chronic pain issues, migraines, seizures, etc…..  Click here to see a powerful video and read MULTIPLE studies on CBD for cancer and other health challenges. These studies are absolutely incredible!

Study #1 ,Study #2 , study #3, ,study #4,  study #5

Want a high quality CBD oil?  This one in particular is medicinal hemp, not industrial hemp. This company produces the strongest one I have EVER seen on the market, EVER and I have seen countless CBD products.   They have great customer service, Jonah will answer any question you have regarding CBD. When you buy his medicinal hemp products he will also include a free 15 minute consult on the phone with any purchase.  No other company does this.  They are ready and willing to help with all your questions.  Their cbd oil is third party tested for purity and their products are GMO free and let me say, EXTREMELY potent. Are you ready for this, their highest potency is a whopping 7000 mg! This oil…….. is the big guns! They have high end products, simply one of the best I have seen as far as CBD oil is concerned.  I absolutely love this CBD oil!    We asked Jonah if we can get a discount for our website readers and he was gracious to give us a 10 percent discount for our readers 🙂  Just use the coupon code WELLNESSTWINS10 when you are at checkout. This is not just a one time use code, use it EVERY TIME you order to save 10 percent of of any size order 🙂  To buy the most potent CBD available and use your coupon code, click here.


Beta Glucan  This is in my opinion after doing a lot of research, is THE best immune system booster in the world.  PERIOD.   Personally if I had to pick 2 of the most important factors in my healing journey it would be the smoothie and the beta glucan.   (I took 2 each morning on an empty stomach) I found out a lot of people took this in their protocols and for good reason.  study # 1, study #2, more studies
We love studies, and  there are multitudes of studies for beta glucan. Click on this article to see many of them. Be careful to only get the 1,3 linkage beta glucan, it is the only one that enhances and activates the immune system and then be sure it has ample amounts of it.  Some have the right linkage but woefully low amounts of it.  In fact you would have to take the whole bottle just to get 1 therapeutic dose.  That’s a good waste of money. The right kind of beta glucan is very powerful in the fight against cancer. What is wonderful about beta-glucan is that it doesn’t over stimulate the immune system but rather it activates it.  This particular beta glucan is the ONLY BGF Beta Glucan with a minimum of 85%  Beta-1,3 content derived from fermented argobacterium (SP) R259.  This is the superior form that is significantly more bioavailable and more effective when it comes to supporting immune modulation. This seriously caught my attention.  The others out there pale in comparison.  They are no match.  If I had cancer I would want the best Beta Glucan out there. This company offers a certificate of analysis for each batch to verify its potency and purity.   Each batch is 3rd party tested.  Do you want biologically active Beta Glucan, this is it. This one is the highest potency I have seen. To read in detail why this particular beta glucan was pivotal in my healing journey, click here.  We worked with this beta glucan provider to allow us to give our readers a 10% savings on this product that is already the best value out there for it’s potency. I love that the maker of this product thoroughly examines each batch to verify that it indeed has 85% minimum percentage of 1,3 beta glucan.  ****UPDATE**** We have switched to another brand of beta glucan.  Why? First off, I want to make it clear that I believe the Transfer Point brand beta glucan I used before was a powerful adjunct to my healing protocol, no doubt about that, but let me be honest, it was not cheap.  We are excited to say we have found a STRONGER beta glucan that is about $25.00 cheaper.  That’s right, stronger and cheaper.  There are tests to prove it’s incredible potency and unsurpassed purity.  We are excited because now many more people wanting to add this to their healing protocol will be able to afford it.  We also asked the beta glucan provider if they would  let us give our readers 10% off and they graciously agreed to do so.  Their customer service is exceptional unlike none I have ever seen.  That’s an added plus. See our beta glucan article and use the discount code in the article.

Protandim This supplement provides powerful antioxidant protection against oxidative stress! (I took 2 a day)  Because of the claims that have been made in regards to cancer with this product, they are under intense scrutiny to say the least.  I am not even sure if they will be allowed to sell this much longer.  This is unfortunate. The truth of the matter is, there are absolutely POWERFUL testimonials regarding this product and cancer.  Enough said.

organic sulfur , aka MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Getting oxygen and sulfur inside of your cells is crucial when it comes to fighting cancer. Organic sulfur helps to cause cell walls to become permeable allowing what you take with it to get into the cell. Because of this you have to be careful what you take with sulfur. In my case I took the Liposomal vitamin C with it.  The idea is to get as much oxygen and cancer fighting nutrients into the cells as possible. Sulfur is a way to get energy and massive amounts of oxygen  into the cell to make them healthy.  It also is said to  kill microbes inside of the cancer cell.
Organic sulfur is a potent anti-inflammatory and also helps reduce pain as well. Both necessary when fighting cancer.
You don’t want organic sulfur that has  excipients, additives, or fillers of ANY kind. NONE. These will block the uptake to the cells and render it useless. The company I buy the high quality sulfur from also ships for FREE! That’s what I love about this vendor, no matter what size the purchase, shipping is FREE!
This is the kind I use because it’s in its purest and most potent form.
For myself personally I mixed 16 Tablespoons to a gallon of purified water in a glass jar.
Every time I took my liposomal vitamin c and CBD oil I would take it with about 1/2 cup of the msm water.

** To read MORE about organic sulfur and how it is used as a tool in the fight against cancer, CLICK HERE ** 🙂

Liph  This product is often used in combination with the organic sulfur.  The idea is for the sulfur to get this alkalizer into the cancer cell so it can kill the microbes.  Liph has been known to kill MRSA, one of the deadliest bacteria on the planet.  Surely it would be capable of killing microbes inside of cancer cells.  When microbes die inside of cancer cells they are able to revert back to normal cells. There are some pretty powerful testimonials of this product that people have used in their protocol. It is an immune boosting alkalizer.

These supplements all have an important role to play in preventing and help treating cancer.
These were the ones I felt were most important. There is a disclaimer at bottom of page.


I also got an Omega Juicer  and started juicing everyday.
The reason why I chose this juicer is because it is a masticating juicer
which means more juice with less heat which allows for a higher enzyme content .
You want to get the most out of your juice. I mainly juiced carrots.
They have very strong anticancer compounds in them.
You can throw  in a granny smith apple  too if you want.
I tried to drink at least 4 cups a day. Juicing is one of the easiest ways
to ensure you’re getting  enough vegetables in your diet each day.
They are highly alkalizing too and organic is best.


                                    Liposomal Vitamin C


I also took very high amounts of  Liposomal Vitamin C .

I discovered this is a far cheaper, much more convenient and  more effective  method

than doing the Vitamin C IV therapy.
Many people who decide to go the alternative route make a wise choice in making this part of their  healing protocol.
Vitamin C is selectively cyto toxic against cancer cells.
It is also a neutralizer of free radicals. It also super charges the immune system to “kick butt”.
It is great in conjunction with other things used in a cancer  protocol and it must be liposomal vitamin C.
Most cancer patients are deficient in this vitamin. A good one to try is one from Liv On Labs.
I was taking about  10-12 grams a day .  Eventually I just
resorted to taking organic  Camu Camu powder which is very high in vitamin C like this one here.


One of the things I also did in my  protocol
was what you call a “Health Bounce” on my rebounder trampoline.
I tried to do at least 3-5 minutes on it every waking hour.
Go here to find out why that was such an important part of my protocol.


                                              The Biomat

About one month into this healing journey I purchased something called a “Biomat”.
I actually got the mini mat because that is all I could afford at the time.
It does the same thing the professional size one does, it’s just smaller but still very effective.
I had heard about them here and there in my research on the web.
What I was hearing was really grabbing my attention to say the least.
I was listening to stories about how many people who were using the Biomat as part of their disease fighting protocols.
They were having amazing results!

The Biomat is a thermo therapeutic device that generates far infrared heat rays and negative ions
(negative ions promote a calm and relaxed state of being in the body while you are laying on it).
You can see why I enjoyed mine so much 🙂 )
It  manages pain, inflammation, relax muscles, and  temporarily increase circulation.
Far infra-red rays can be very useful in relieving  back and muscle pain.
It is exceptionally useful for  joint pain and stiffness, arthritic joint pain, minor strains, sprains, and muscle spasms.
My husband also currently uses it to help with pain and inflammation in his lower back from a herniated disk.
He mentions that he feels his condition steadily improving everyday and it is much more manageable now.
Anyone battling with chronic pain issues I believe would greatly benefit from one  of these far infrared heat mats.
I’ve even heard they can  reduce the pain of  menstrual cramps, how wonderful is that??!!

I  especially like that  the Biomat drives down inflammation in the body.
Remember, inflammation if left unchecked can  cause chronic pain and promote all sorts of disease in the body.
Many people have attested to healing taking  place in their bodies and a great reduction in their pain levels
and attribute their success in part to the Biomat .
They  mention a greater sense of well being and balance.
This has been my experience with it too.
Everyday I try to take at least a one hour nap on my Biomat. (You can lay down on it or sit it in a chair.)

The one  I bought is a  Richway Biomat. They are  the creator and maker of the original Amethyst Biomat
and after  reading all the reviews,  I was won over.
Upon arrival  I was very impressed with the quality, durability and craftmanship of my mat.
I love my mat so much.  It’s definitely one of the  most valuable assets in my  healing protocol.

I would like to share so much more about it,
but I apologize we cannot mention ANY use whatsoever of the infrared or the Biomat in the treatment of cancer or disease.
We wish to abide by all FDA/FTC regulations in talking about  this wonderful product.

Note*** Another Far infrared mat at a great price would also be this one here.

A strong source of encouragement for me is a man by the name of Ty Bollinger.  He is a person with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine heart to help people get knowledge into their hands and know that they have hope.  For an excellent read by this author I highly recommend his book :

The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer’s History, Treatment, and Prevention

                                    Negative emotions

I had to learn to deal with negative emotions in my life  and to not let them have the upper hand.
In any  healing protocol,  if  these negative emotions are left  unchecked they will hamper anyone’s success.
Like the saying goes, “Stress Kills”. It’s true.
Any negative emotions, like bitterness,  unforgiveness,  guilt and depression have to be dealt with.
This is where my faith comes in.
Only through my personal  relationship with Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit was I able to get a handle on these.
I learned to turn everything over to Him and rely on  His ability, not mine  to heal in these areas.


                                           My turning point

Last, but certainly not least,

I am happy to report today that after many tests, monitoring and diagnostic imaging, blood work ,etc.
used to monitor my progress since being on the protocol,
all my scans and tests are coming back with very positive results (as in good !! )
The 2 inch mass that was in my left breast is near gone!
Like the doctor said, ” Whatever you are doing must be working!!”  Later I found out through my integrative doctor that the person who gave me the thermogram  asked my doctor what I was doing because the change on the thermogram was so drastic from the baseline one I had gotten earlier.  She said that whatever I was using I should bottle it and sell it!  I give all Glory to God.  He has been my strength through this all.

So I will continue on my healing protocol, for I know it is working.
If the body is given the right foods and tools, If it is His will, God designed it to heal itself.
I am living proof and so are many others.
There are many, many encouraging testimonies out there besides mine.
To God be the Glory!!!        – Lana

Psalms 103: 2 and 3
Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits;
3 Who pardons all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases;
4, Who redeems your life from the pit,
Who crowns you with loving kindness and compassion;…

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  • WellnessTwins August 2, 2017 at 11:51 am

    thankyou for the feedback!! 🙂

  • Connie August 2, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    Great article Lana. Some good immune boosting tips here. I’m glad that things are going well with you. How supportive have medical professionals been for your use of the thermography vs. the mammogram? Or are you only seeing alternative medicine professionals? I’ve thought about thermography an alternative route since I’ve never had the mammogram and I’m 56. I surprises me that it’s been around sine the 80’s and yet is rarely mentioned. I doubt most insurance covers it. Thanks for all the great info.

    • WellnessTwins August 16, 2017 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks Connie!! Conventional doctors have not been supportive at all unless I go with their protocols. I am blessed to have found a good Naturopathic doctor to help and assist me in getting a Breast Ultrasound without pushing me to get a mammogram too.

  • WellnessTwins September 22, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Thanks and we will!! 🙂

  • Jiji October 4, 2019 at 10:20 am

    Hello ,

    I want to know please how much time does it take to heal completly ? I am following a raw vegan diet since 8 months , the cancer has shrinked a lot in my breast but it hasnt gone yet. Just any idea to know how long the journey .

    Thank you


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