Improving Your Quality of Living While Dealing with Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Improving Your Quality of Living While Dealing with Chronic Pain and Inflammation


So what is inflammation?


First of all, not all inflammation is bad.  What?!  That’s right. Have you ever gotten a splinter of wood in your finger?  It gets all swollen and angry looking.  That is the inflammation process working.
That’s good and we want that.  That is the immune system at work fighting anything that may have gotten in. This response keeps pathogens out of your body.  Without this kind of inflammation it would be hard to recover from an injury.


Then there’s the bad inflammation……..

Picture this, a trainer who keeps doing intense workouts every single day without taking any down time to let your body rest and recuperate between workouts. The inflammation would never go down because you are constantly re-injuring the same tissues day in and day out. Same thing with re-injuring your gut lining with the same offensive foods every day, and every meal.  These are serious assaults on your body that are keeping you in an inflamed state.  You don’t want this to continue until something gives.

Inflammation can affect a lot more than you think.

A major part of good health and well being is subduing chronic inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation left unchecked can cause a myriad of problems. Inflammation can happen from tearing muscle tissue fibers at the gym, eating foods that you are allergic to which inflame the digestive tract, stress, being over weight, smoking, pollution, drinking alcohol, etc…  Inflammation is an immune response. The  body is trying to heal itself after an injury and defend itself against viruses, parasites, bacteria and other foreign invaders. If it continues indefinitely it can cause systemic issues.  In fact, this kind of inflammation is behind some of the nasty diseases that are out there such as cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc…. Let’s take for example inflammation of the digestive tract.  When a person keeps on eating an offending food the body sends out an immune response such as inflammation.  If this goes on day in and day out your gut will get so inflamed that you can start to bloat and get digestive upset.  When this happens you may not be absorbing all the nutrients from your foods.  When your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs it is a welcome mat to all kinds of diseases.  This is why it so important to address the digestive system and heal the gut to make a stronger immune system to keep chronic inflammation at bay.  Do you see how this all works together?

Are you suppressing the problem or are you healing the problem?

Many a time, people have pain and /or inflammation issues and go to the doctor and are put on pain meds all while they have an internal fire raging out of control.  The pain may subside due to the meds but meanwhile they are causing serious side effects and not putting out the fire.  If your oil light came on in the car indicating that your car needs oil, would you pluck the wire  so the light goes off or would you give the car oil so the engine doesn’t cease up? That’s what I love about alternative approaches, rather than put a bandaid on the problem let’s find out what is causing the problem, fix it and save money on bandaids 🙂

So…..what are some ways that may help in the healing process?

I like to say that if you make the gut happy you are well on the way to making the body happy.  I am being real here.  Start investing in better nutrition and start deleting the wheat and sugar which are potent inflammatory foods .  Guess what, this step doesn’t cost you a thing.  I like this already.  Start incorporating more whole foods and see what happens.  What have you got to lose? Cut out the processed garbage that we have been taught is food.  KEEP IT REAL.  Put good gas in a car and it purrs like a kitten.  I would start using a probiotic each morning on an empty stomach with a few  L-Glutamine capsules to help heal the gut lining.  Enzymes with each cooked meal is not a bad idea either to help enhance better digestion of foods.  Stay tuned in because I am going to teach you how to make your own probiotics and enzymes in some future blog posts.  So, cost is almost nothing to make some huge investments on your health. All these things can go a long way in driving down those inflammation levels in the body.

2)  Cool it on the night shades.  What are nightshades you ask?  Peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant are some main ones. Some people can’t tolerate these foods and it really exasperates their arthritis.  You can try re-introducing these foods back one at a time when you get the inflammation under check. Again , this step doesn’t cost you anything.

2) Boswellia.  This is a powerhouse natural anti-inflammatory.  This supplement blocks the underlying factors that contribute to CHRONIC inflammation. It blocks a nasty pro inflammatory enzyme called 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX). I take one in am and one in pm with my meal.

3)  Curcumin.  This is a compound in turmeric. It has great results on pain and inflammation, and is being studied for it affects  on suppressing tumors and fighting cancer, keeping blood sugar in check, stopping depression and hindering the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.  I take one a day in the morning.

4)  Ginger. Ginger contains constituents with anti inflammatory properties. Ginger also  inhibits 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) This  property sets ginger apart from non -steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  Good news, you also don’t get the nasty side effects either.  It should be noted that the curcumin and ginger work excellent together! I try to take 2 teaspoons of ginger powder a day , one in am and one in pm.

5) Pain balm works in tandem with the supplements. Tackle the pain and inflammation topically and internally for a 1-2 punch!

6) Organic Sulfur– A great anti-inflammatory!!  Remember reduce inflammation= reduce pain. Read this article here to learn more about how organic sulfur can be of great benefit to you . see, this is an affordable and do-able approach to increasing your well being.  What if you could eliminate or drastically reduce chronic pain and inflammation without harmful side effects and enhance your health simultaneously?  It’s possible.

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