Copaiba – Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Inflammatory and So Much More!!

Copaiba resin is made from the sap of an evergreen tree in the genus Copaifera .

The resin from these South American trees has a  sweet balsam like and woodsy aroma.
Steam distillation is used in making this precious resin into the oil that many have grown to use and love.
Copaiba has been used for centuries by the South American people.
They know quite well of it’s numerous health benefits.
The rest of us are also quickly starting to realize that this oil has incredible healing properties.
In fact, I am going to deem this oil as one of the must haves in my medicine chest
right there alongside my bottle of frankincense oil.  🙂
Copaiba is indeed nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory, but it doesn’t stop there.  Let’s take a look at this bionic botanical!

The 8 Powerful Good Reasons To Use This Oil

  • Anti-cancer
    Copaiba is a strong anti-inflammatory
    thanks to the high beta-caryophyllene content.
    What is very interesting is that people using cannabis
    as medical marijuana are seeing great cancer fighting success
    and one of the reasons why can be attributed to the beta-caryophyllene content,
    but wait it gets better!  Research is showing that
    Copaiba is significantly higher in this cancer fighting terpene and cannabinoid than cannabis!
    In fact it is the highest known natural source of beta- caryophyllene that has been found!
    I don’t know about you but this is exciting news because copaiba oil is legal, it won’t get you high and very affordable!!!!  See study. Inflammation helps cancer to start and spread, so using a strong anti-inflammatory is a mighty weapon to include in your cancer fighting arsenal! Scientists  have found that copaiba was able to kill MCF-7 breast cancer cells ( the  estrogen receptor positive and progesterone receptor positive, infiltrating ductal carcinoma cells).  It was shown to perform  better than doxorubicin.  I personally believe that the combination of frankincense oil with copaiba oil would pack a deadly one -two punch in the fight against cancer. These are both INCREDIBLE oils. See here to learn about what frankincense can do.
    On going research is also revealing that copaiba oil  has anti-tumoral properties
    and the ability to stop cancer cells from proliferating. See study.
  • Anti-depressant AND anti-anxiety– it is used by many as a mood lifter.  It combats stress and anxiety.  It is loved for it’s calming action and how it works with the nervous system and the neuro-receptors of the brain.  See this study.  Read this research.
  • Analgesic (Pain Reliever)– Copaiba research has revealed that it has the ability to block pain receptors so as to stop them from passing on pain signals.  The beta-caryophyllene is a used for body pain because it is such a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  It’s analgesic properties are stronger than wintergreen and clove and the reason is because while wintergreen and clove both contain beta-caryophyllene they don’t even come close to the 55-60% that copaiba contains! Another go to for pain, cannabis, has anywhere from 4%-37% BUT copaiba has 55-60%!!!!  Look at this study here which explains the Beta-caryophyllene in cannabis and remember that copaiba is even higher in this powerful cannabinoid. A common way that people use copaiba for pain relief is 2 drops under the tongue or in a vegetable capsule up to 3 times a day.  Many often combine 1 drop of frankincense with it.  It can also be used topically applied directly to the pain site.  It is said to be gentle to use the oil straight on the skin but do a skin patch test first.  People with sensitive skin may want to use it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil.   Click here to see how to make a potent pain balm, this way you tackle pain internally and externally!  Remember to always check with your physician BEFORE implementing any of these oils into your health regimen. I personally take some HIGH QUALITY essential oils that I trust internally, but I do so with caution.   See the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial– Many have used copaiba on insect bites and wounds to prevent infections and reduce the pain. When using this oil on wounds it is suggested to dilute with a carrier oil.  I personally would use coconut oil as my carrier oil of choice because it is anti-bacterial.  Get this, a study that was done in 2016 showed that copaiba oil was effective in inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, one of the most drug resistant bacteria!
  • Gastro-Intestinal Ulcers– An animal study that was done in 1996 showed significant anti-inflammatory action on stomach ulcers without damaging the stomach lining, this is exciting  because some of the synthetic non- steroidal drugs used for stomach ulcers have been known to cause stomach problems.
  • Inflammation
    Copaiba may very well be the  highest  anti-inflammatory substance known to man.
    That goes for synthetic ( ibuprofen and cortisone) or natural and with NO side effects.
    Everyone knows the  myriad of dangerous side effects of the synthetic anti-inflammatories. People have taken copaiba for lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other painful conditions with very good results.
    Copaiba is nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory
    because of the high beta-caryophyllene content. It’s worth repeating that this cannabinoid
    is higher in copaiba than cannabis itself!
  • Protects the Liver- Studies done on rats  have shown that copaiba
    not only acts as a pain killer but it can also reduce liver damage that was induced by acetaminophen. See study.
  • Skin Care-
    Because of its astringent properties it is excellent in skin care products.
    It is a skin tightener and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It works well as an addition to your eye cream and/ or your face cream, I add about 8-10 drops to 2 oz. cream.
  • It will calm inflammation and it’s anti bacterial properties will help to discourage acne,
  • For acne, simply put a drop on a q-tip and dab it onto the pimple, don’t smother it in oil, just a dab and lightly rub it in.
  • See this study regarding copaiba and acne.
  • As an anti-bacterial, it is good for preventing infection in wounds.
  • It encourages healing  because it regenerates collagen.
  • When combined with rosehip seed oil  it works well to reduce scars and stretch marks.

This is one oil I want to have well stocked in my house.  Oils are incredibly strong, only use them under your physicians supervision.  Some times 1 drop is equivalent to the whole plant in potency.

Oils have frequencies, lots and lots of them!

Living things have energy. Energy has vibration that can be measured (frequency). This is not “new age”, it is science.  Frequency affects  how fast the cells are circulating and their rate of regeneration in the body. The more movement in the cells means your body is able to heal quicker. If the cells move slower, the higher the chance for sickness. People have turned to the use of essential oils which are high in frequencies as a way to increase the frequencies in our bodies and thus help encourage the healing process. Again, this is science.

There have been studies done at Eastern Washington University where they used a calibrated frequency monitor that showed the impact that essential oils had on the body. Of any measurable natural substance, essential oils have THE highest frequencies! High quality, pure, unadulterated essential oils have frequencies that range from about 50-600 MHz depending on what kind of oil. A healthy body usually has a frequency of about 60-80 MHz.  Disease can begin at about 57 MHz.  Just to give you an example of how powerful some of these oils are, frankincense can be somewhere around 145 MHz and lavender is about 115 MHz.  Cancer can have a frequency of about 40 or lower.  Every disease has a specific frequency. Our negative emotions and bad living habits help to lower the frequency in our body.  There was a study conducted to determine the impact of  thinking patterns on the electrical frequencies in our body, it showed that negative thoughts lowered the frequency by 12 MHz while healthy thinking patterns raised the frequency by 10MHz.  Get this, prayer raised the electrical frequencies in the body by 15MHz!  Our thoughts affect our health.

Last But Not Least

Copaiba is called a “driver oil”.  This means that it magnifies the power of other oils you combine with it.  This is why I think that copaiba and frankincense used together would be a powerful twosome in the fight against cancer!  I love that this combination of oils fight inflammation while helping your moods and the cherry on top is that its a powerful adjunct to a cancer protocol!


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