Cheesy Gluten Free Garden Omelet Breakfast Wrap

  • These little guys  are to die for!

    My family gets in an instant good mood in the morning when they smell sauteed onions!
    Aroma therapy at its very best!  For added kicks and giggles I throw in some other garden goodies in this tasty omelet wrap.
    If you are tired of having the same thing every morning, give these a try, your family will love them.
    You can eat these for any meal.
    There are times when we like to eat these for dinner or if my kids are hungry and want a snack, I can whip one of these up in just a few minutes.  They are gluten free and full of healthy vegetables.


Cheesy  Gluten Free Garden Omelet Breakfast Wrap


6 organic eggs

1/4 cup organic milk

organic butter ( about 1 stick)

dash of REAL SALT

organic onion powder to taste

organic garlic powder to taste

organic black pepper taste

1 large tomato

1/2 cup diced bell peppers

1/2 cup chopped mushrooms

1 medium to large onion

6 gluten free tortillas  ( I use La Tortilla Factory Gluten Free )  They are at Woodman’s Grocery Store

1/2 cup grated cheese of your choice ( Gouda is my favorite! )



  • In frying pan start to saute in  butter the onions, peppers, and mushrooms, and at the very end, throw in the tomatoes. Season with REAL salt, pepper, and onion powder to taste.
  •  Separately whisk eggs and milk in a bowl and then add salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper and scramble in a frying pan with butter.
  • Take HALF  the sauteed veggie mixture and add to ALL the scrambled eggs , do this AFTER the eggs are scrambled and put in your oven to stay warm.  Put the other half of sauteed veggies in oven also to keep warm. I put my oven on the lowest setting which is 170 degrees . This keeps them warm enough while I begin to  fry the tortillas.
  • I fry a tortilla in butter just till it is soft and pliable and a little browned.  The key is to keep them pliable. Then I take about 2 tablespoons of omelet mixture and put in middle of tortilla.  Click here to see how I fold my tortilla for my wrap. Keep in mind that your tortilla wrap will be more pliable because we warmed it in butter.
  •  Place wraps in a baking dish and put the remainder of the sauteed veggies we put to the side on top of each wrap and sprinkle grated cheese on top.  Put in oven to stay warm till you are ready to serve them  🙂
  • ENJOY!
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