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Take Back Your Health – Where To Start

Many people ask the same question, “I want to get my health back but where do I start?” They want to know how to lose weight, balance hormones, get  energy levels up, detox, etc…There are some basic principles to follow if you want to pursue better health and vitality.  If you are not willing to follow the basic principles, then…

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20 Healthy Snack Ideas For Anyone on a Restricted Diet

Ok, so I know firsthand how hard it is to be on some sort of a restricted diet. In order for me or I think anyone for that matter to be able to continue and succeed on any diet, you need to have a good plan that really works long term. One you can truly stick with and that’s doable…

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My Personal Shopping Review For Wish(Dot)Com

(Updated in 2018 ) “It HAS to be too good to be true!”  I thought, as I scrolled through the endless pages of “$2 for that watch??” “$4 for that facial cleansing brush???” “$1 for that gorgeous necklace?!” “Is there a button that adds EVERYTHING into my cart at once?! ” My husband wouldn’t have been too thrilled with…

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All Natural Mosquito/Bug Bite Healing Balm

I have five daughters. Growing up we’ve had to deal with some pretty nasty mosquito bite reactions at times. I’m talking where they would really swell up. The bite would turn super red and hot to the touch and sometimes even form a blister at the site of the bite. One of my daughters even got cellulitis from a bug bite…

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Overcoming Depression Naturally Without Drugs!

Hi, I’m Linda, I am a wife and mom to my 3 beautiful children. 🙂  Once upon a dark time in my life I struggled with depression, badly. It is not a joyful recollection for me to look back upon, Several years ago I went through alot of “life trials”. Yes, I still have trials don’t get me wrong, it’s…

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My Top 6 Favorite Essential Oils No Home Should Be Without

  Essential oils are really gaining popularity and I can see why! They are so versatile and effective and can provide safer, less toxic options to your everyday living. I can’t say enough about them. However, I am finding out you need to go with a brand that you can trust especially when it comes to the quality of the oil you…

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6 Sure Fire Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy Foods

  Trying to find ways to get your kids to eat healthy foods can be challenging for a lot of parents. I have had several people ask me over the years how I get my children to eat their veggies and actually like them so much that they ask for seconds. It can be hard to get your kids to…

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10 Ways To Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

Ok, so you want to make the transition  to eat more healthy, but you don’t want to break the bank doing it either. I’ve got good news, it shouldn’t. In fact many times unhealthier food options can be more expensive (especially snack foods) than healthier options. Not to mention also in the long run when it starts to affect your…

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