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Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo/Hair Volumizer (Chemical- Free)

So ladies, I am learning that it is much wiser not to wash your hair more than only a few times a week at most. The reason being, the more often you wash your hair you are actually stripping it of its own natural oils and causing your hair to become more dry, brittle and prone to damage by over…

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All Natural Belly Butter (Rich and Emollient!!)

Ok all you warrior moms,this is for you!! We will discuss how to make an “All Natural Belly Butter” and is it luxurious!!!!!!! Got a baby bump and want to decrease your chances of getting stretch marks? There are some powerful good ingredients that are safe and non-toxic that can increase the skin elasticity and nourish the skin as you…

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D.I.Y. Botanical Anti-Aging Face Serum

I am just as picky about what goes onto my skin as to what goes into my body. I love making my own beauty products because: 1) I know what’s in the jar, 2) the ingredients are fresh, 3) I know the actives are really in there, and………4)  it’s cost effective, you can make several batches of pure and potent…

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Will Oil Pulling Transform Your Dental Health?

What on earth is oil pulling you ask?! Will oil pulling transform your dental health? Well……………..for starters, this regimen is really starting to raise some eye brows for users and skeptics alike. I too was somewhat skeptical till I actually did it for myself and really was quite impressed with the results. Oil pulling or as some would call it,…

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Bone Broth For Joints, Hair, Skin & More!

Wait!  Don’t throw out those meat bones just yet! Bone broth benefits are numerous, it is chock full of health promoting nutrients. A liquid gold mine.  Really. So many times I tossed out one of the healthiest parts of the meal into the garbage, the bones. Those bones are now saved and carefully used to prepare one of the healthiest beverages…

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Copaiba – Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Inflammatory and So Much More!!

Copaiba resin is made from the sap of an evergreen tree in the genus Copaifera . The resin from these South American trees has a  sweet balsam like and woodsy aroma. Steam distillation is used in making this precious resin into the oil that many have grown to use and love. Copaiba has been used for centuries by the South American…

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All Natural Deodorant, Go Stink Free!

Well, I have used this 1 ingredient for years and if I remember to put it on, not only do I have one happy family but I have zero stink even on the hottest of days. Whether working out and exercising or in the hot sun pulling weeds in my garden sweatin up a storm,  you won’t smell any B.O.,…

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Rosehip Seed Oil Review

  Rosehip seed oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush high in the Chilean Andes. It is otherwise known as rosa mosqueta or rosa rubiginosa.  This oil contains small amounts of tretinoin or all trans-retinoic acid.  This is the acid that retinol converts to.  Rosehip seed oil is high in omega 3 and 6…

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