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beta glucan

Beta Glucan is an immunomodulator,
a substance to help normalize our immune system and modify it’s response.

It is known to activate your immune system  while not over stimulating it which is very important as you will read further in this article.  It’s important to understand that cancer, sickness, and disease can’t exist in a body with a healthy immune system.

Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide that can be found in various foods such as yeast, mushrooms, oats, and barley.  While it is found in some foods many people supplement with it to greatly enhance their immune system.  It’s ability to rev up the immune system is second to none!

This natural supplement is turning some heads and raising some eyebrows and for good reason.  NUMEROUS studies have been done on this very impressive supplement, in fact, Beta Glucan is one of the most studied supplements on the planet.  It has over 150.000 studies on PubMed and is being tested in over 130 clinical trials!  Simply WAY more studies than any other known immune supplement hands down.  I would venture to say, it’s sort of a big deal.  🙂

How Does Beta Glucan Work?

Beta glucan works directly on immune cells  (macrophages, NK, white blood cells )  and stimulates their activity.  This is a good thing and here’s why: these immune cells attack pathogens and work to destroy them.  When pathogens are eradicated, your immune system is much stronger. I don’t know about you but any time I can take something to bolster my immune system especially around cold and flu season, I’m in.  I don’t relish the thought of getting the stomach flu, dry heaves, sore throat, bodily aches and pains, coughing and whatever else seems to be going around.  I also don’t want a toxin loaded flu shot being injected into my body.  So, I will gladly take something natural that actually works and with ZERO negative side effects any day.  As Beta glucan stimulates the white blood cells (also known as the lymphocytes), they bind to viruses and tumors and pack a one-two punch and release chemicals to erradicate them.

As soon as you swallow this beta glucan supplement it goes to the stomach and shortly thereafter to the part of the intestine where there are cells called  Peyer’s Patches.  In this part of the body there are many different cells which carry receptors for the beta glucan. These cells see the glucan and quickly bind to it, from there the beta glucan starts making it’s way to the other organs of the body. It takes about 2-3 days to see results and for your immune system to be completely activated.

Beta Glucan And Auto Immune Diseases

There are lots of different supplements that can be used to stimulate the immune system, however, glucans are in a class all their own.  Why? Because the other immune stimulating supplements can OVER stimulate the immune system and this is not a very good idea for those with auto immune diseases such as lupus, allergies, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, addisons, etc…. Beta glucan does not do this. Yes, beta glucan stimulates the immune system but it will never be to a point where it over activates. This is extremely important when choosing an immune boosting supplement.

Not All Beta Glucans Are Created Equal, Be Careful!

Don’t take this lightly.  There are many beta glucan supplements out there but there is one that exceeds them all and I will explain why.  The beta glucan supplement we  can highly recommend is this one here.  This is a  third party tested beta glucan. It is a powerful adjunct to any cancer healing protocol.  See Lana’s story here and how she used beta glucan as part of her healing journey. This beta glucan is the most potent and most bioavailable immune system product that we know of, anywhere.  We have used the Transfer Point beta glucan and believe it was a powerful adjunct to Lana’s healing protocol, but in all honesty, it is too pricey.  We have found another beta glucan that is way more affordable AND it is a stronger potency.

***NOTE FROM WELLNESSTWINS***  If you decide you want to give the beta glucan we recommend a try, use the discount code “Lana10” to save 10% off your order.  Just click on one of the links IN THIS ARTICLE and use the code, it’s that easy.


Dr. Vaclov Vetvicka who has done over 20 years of research, has over 200 peer reviewed publications, seven books, and 5 international patents, and is one of the world’s top researchers and experts,  on beta glucan and imunology. When he tested 31 different glucans, he found that even at their HIGHEST dose, many glucans showed zero biological activity.

When it comes to beta glucan you want to be sure it is #1 pure and #2 potent.  Alot of beta glucans on the market are the wrong chain linkage which drastically affect the potency of the glucan.  You want to look at the chain linkage and the AMOUNT of it.  Some beta glucans may have the right linkage of 1,3 (the only one proven to stimulate the immune system) BUT very little of it, in fact you could consume the entire bottle of 60 or more caps just to get 1 therapeutic dose.  The bottle may be affordable but it does little to nothing to enhance the immune system.  When you are looking to actually enhance your immune system response or are fighting cancer, the potency of the chain linkage is everything.

We have found that the most potent and bio available  form of beta glucan 1,3 (see the study)  comes from a fermented derived extraction method of argobacterium (sp) R259 and yields optimal 1,3 active linkage when compared to others that are derived from yeast.  Many people have reported that not only has this particular beta glucan enhanced their immune system but are enjoying increased energy, better sleep, and feel healthier overall.  People are seeing real results and change in their health.

When it comes to cancer or other health challenges you need to give power tools to your body to bolster your immune system.  Diet is key and powerhouse immune supplements.  Hands down, beta glucan is king of immune enhancing supplements, the RIGHT beta glucan.

Glucan Elite is our beta glucan supplement of choice.  Why?  Because it is 85% minimum active 1,3 linkage and ultra potent.  The bioavailability and absorption is just down right impressive when compared to other beta glucans derived from yeast, mushroom ,or oat.  It is produced solvent free and is kosher Halal certified.  Every batch is traceable to a specific lot # and completely examined to provide validation that is indeed 85% minimum percentage of the 1,3 beta glucan. It has been studied, researched, created, tested, and mfg. by a highly reputable research lab that has been around for a long time, Nutriscience Innovations.  That got my attention.  This is the only beta glucan supplement that uses BGF-immune 85%.


Tis The Seasons To Bolster The Immune System……..Fall And Winter!

I personally have decided to avoid the infamous flu shot.  After learning what is in them and the long term health effects and repercussions from getting them, I opted out thank you.  I would much rather use beta glucan to sail through cold and flu season with zero negative side effects.  I am convinced it is top dog in any immuno boosting arsenal. When winter time comes around many people are finding themselves in the ER and missing work which can affect our budgets greatly, so I will gladly take this supplement especially when I know the “flu buggies” are making their rounds.  Again, there are multiple studies out there to back up the claims of this incredible supplement.  See this study, this study, this study.

A Powerful Tool In The Fight Against Cancer

Beta glucan has shown to be effective against many carcinogens.  It’s actions of binding to and activating specific immune cells causing them to initiate an immune response is what packs a punch in the fight against cancer.  The glucan is able to modify how the immune cells attack the pathogens and other agents making this supplement able to achieve a much more efficient immune response.  This strategy prevents an auto-immune response which can prove to be critical when trying to fight cancer. Research has backed up the fact that beta glucans are able to reduce the growth rate of cancer cells while helping the immune system do it’s job at fighting off invaders. The action of beta glucan binding to cells, macrophages, and antibodies is an outright summon to activate them so as to coordinate a strategic attack.  One of the kind of cells used in this attack are the NK cells.  These cells are critical at keeping the growth of tumors under control. The production of immune stem cells in bone marrow are also triggered by the glucan. This causes an increase in immunocytes in the blood stream.  This is especially important in people on chemo and radiation as these therapies decrease immunocyte numbers thereby increasing risk of infections. White blood cell production is also stepped up, these are also very vital in the fight against cancer as well.    Here are just a few more studies……..  see this study, this study, this study.

In Conclusion………..

If anyone knows me they will vouch how super picky I am when it comes to supplements.  After researching thoroughly and taking  beta glucan personally and seeing first hand how it helped Lana of WellnessTwins in her healing protocol,  I can tell you it is a superior supplement that works and works well.

Considering how some glucans have zero biological activity at all you might want to research before buying so you are not throwing away your money. Read the studies in this article, studies don’t lie.

Always check with your physician first before taking supplements to make sure they are right for you.  Remember that a good whole food diet also goes hand in hand when”tweaking” your immune system.  When picking out a supplement, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Drop us a comment to let us know if you have used beta glucan and how did it make a difference?

Here’s to good health!


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