All Natural Drug Free Anxiety Busters


~ Struggling with anxiety and the ability to self calm????

Do you want to tackle it conventional  drug free???
I will share my favorite top 8 things that help me most on those days when it’s just
a little harder to get a grip.
If we are  honest we all have days like that.

After doing much of my own research and trying many,many different things,
these are the supplements and  practices I have happily found to work very well for me.
So I  have  implemented them into my own daily life.
They are  what works best for me.
So maybe, just maybe they could help you too 🙂
Like I always say,”I believe when you find something good, you share it with others.”

1. Deep breathing.
It’s amazing how this can really lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels quite quickly 🙂
With your mouth closed, take a deep inhale thru your nose. Hold for 5 seconds and exhale slowly thru your mouth.
Do this for 5 minutes and see how this can calm you!!

2. L- Theanine.
I take 200 mgs. twice a day on those days when I start to feel anxiety moving in.
You want to be sure yours does not contain magnesium stearate
( a synthetic additive added in most supplements as a a flow agent) to be most effective. The stearate can decrease its absorption and effectiveness.
This is the one I use here.The reviews are what sold me on this brand and seeing how well it works for me I can see why.
Some have made claims taking L-Theanine is even more effective at treating anxiety than the drug Xanax,
but without all the harmful side effects that go along with most conventional drugs.
As an added bonus L-Theanine is non-addictive.

3. Lavender oil.
In the past I used to take Benzodiazepines for my high anxiety. However when I learned the horrible
side effects these drugs can have and how hard it can be to get off these drugs
it scared me so much I determined I was going to take a healthier approach to my anxiety.
One day I experimented with putting a drop of lavender under my tongue. Lavender oil
Mind you I looked into quality and purity first before putting just any oil in my mouth.
You want to be sure they are organic.
I learned many oils out there have adulterants and cheap filler oils added to them
that can be quite dangerous but are touted as being all natural.
One company I can promote with utmost confidence is Plant Therapy oils.
See why we choose this brand over all others here.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

They are not multilevel marketing and their quality meets or exceeds the top MLM oils out there but without the huge price hike.
Their quality and purity have very high ratings and reviews.
This is the one I use and it ROCKS!!!
Always be sure to  check with your doctor first.

Most people are deficient in this very valuable mineral needed for calming and relaxation and a host of other things.
Plus stress,depression and anxiety further deplete levels in the body.
Oral magnesium can have poor absorption rates depending on which kind you use.
Plus they can cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues.
The spray is very effectively absorbed thru the skin without any of the above mentioned problems.
Plus it is very affordable.This is the one  I use here. I use 16 sprays twice daily massaged in anywhere on my body.
Some people have complained of a tingly or slight burning sensation on their skin from the oil but what I like about this spray  is that it is triple filtered which greatly reduces those effects.
Do not use if you have highly sensitive skin.
There is a capsule form made with Magnesium Glycinate (one of the most absorbable and affordable  oral Magnesium forms besides Magnesium Threonate.) However Magnesium Threonate can be quite pricey.
This is a good one here I used for quite some time before I went to the oil. I really liked it.
Magnesium is especially good right before bed for a restful nights sleep also.
Plus as an added bonus it helps to keep away nocturnal leg cramps.

5. Check for food allergies and sensitivities.
If you are knowingly or unknowingly eating foods you are allergic or sensitive too, then that is creating inflammation and imbalance in the body.
When this is going on it will also disrupt hormone balance and cause many mood disorders especially depression and anxiety.
It is good to check for any food intolerances and address them promptly.

6. Cut back some on the caffeine and other stimulants.
Caffeine can cause nervousness and anxiety if over consumed.
Try to greatly reduce your caffeine intake and / or switch to this organic decaf coffee(made using the Swiss Water Method which is chemical and solvent free and 99.9% caffeine free too.) And oh, and did I mention it is super delicious??!!
See this video here to learn how to make your coffee more of a healthy beverage.

7. Squelch that negative thinking!!

It’s of utmost importance to watch what your thinking. Do you ever think about what your thinking????
Most times it can be pretty negative and that is a major source of anxiety for me.
Negative thinking patterns can have the power to  breed negative emotions such as fear,anger,worry,depression.
The Bible makes mention in Proverbs 23:7- As a man thinks in his heart,so is he.
In other words, where the mind goes ,the man follows. So it’s pretty important what your dwelling on.
The Bible also makes mention in Philippians 4:8 those things we should be thinking on.
 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

I will close with one of my favorites. It’s a great antidote to anxiety.

Isaiah 26:3 New King James Version 

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.

8.  I rely heavily on my faith in God and pray often .

This has been proven in many studies to be a highly effective approach for many people dealing with any anxiety issues.
After I surrendered my life completely to Christ and made Him Lord over all,
that one thing alone has been the most helpful thing I’ve done in this everyday journey called life.
Now that I have experienced life both ways, many years without God and then in the latter now with  Christ,I can honestly say, Life with God is FAR better.
Also my favorite book in the Bible to read to really lift my mood and  spirit when I am down or anxious is the book of Psalms.
It was written by King David. He was a man who went through many a trial and  affliction,
but always attested how God never left his side or let him down.


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