All Natural Deodorant, Go Stink Free!

Well, I have used this 1 ingredient for years

and if I remember to put it on, not only do I have one happy family
but I have zero stink even on the hottest of days.
Whether working out and exercising or in the hot sun
pulling weeds in my garden sweatin up a storm,  you won’t smell any B.O.,
none, nada, zippo.
Oh, and for us girls, it is breast friendly!
That’s right.  When you shave those underarms you leave microscopic holes.
You want to be sure you are not putting on toxic chemicals that will quickly absorb
into fresh shaved skin.
Many of the deodorants in stores today are one glob of chemical cocktail put into a stick.
People are starting to take a closer look at deodorant and antiperspirants
and their possibility of playing a role in some breast cancers.
See here.
That’s reason enough for me to steer clear of the chemicals!
I use an all natural deodorant, and it actually works.

 Nasties You want To Avoid In Common Deodorants

  • Triclosan- this is used as an anti-bacterial substance.  It has been known to be a endocrine disrupter.  Researchers have also discovered it can affect heart muscle function.
  • Parabens- these are known to mimic the hormones in our body and disrupt our endocrine system. In a lab study using rats that were subjected to parabens, it was found that four weeks later  their sperm production decreased significantly. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Propylene glycol- an ingredient found in anti-freeze, paint, detergents.  Has been found to be irritating to the skin and mucous membranes with continuous exposure in some people.
  • Aluminum compounds- this ingredient has been shown to play a role in the developement of Alzheimers disease. It has also been known to mess with estrogen levels.
  • Steareths- known carcinogens that are used to weaken harsh chemicals during manufacturing

This All Natural Deodorant Cuts The Stink!

What is this one ingredient?  Sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda!  That’s right, this single ingredient can chase smells away fast.  There are a couple of guidelines to go by for best results when using baking soda in place of that pit stick  🙂

  •  slightly dampen your under arm area
  • use sparingly, a little goes a long way
  • if you have sensitive skin , do a patch test first
  • rub and pat into under arm area thoroughly, don’t let it sit on top of skin
  • use cautiously on freshly shaved skin

I have sensitive skin and if I use baking soda under my arms according to the guidelines above, I don’t have any issues.  Remember to do a patch test first.  I used to use an essential oil under my arms but it was problematic. It turns out that the one I used was highly phyto-estrogenic.  Please be careful if you are using some of these oils especially under your arms.  The one in particular I used was lavender oil.  It is wonderful for the occasional skin abrasion or burn but used on a regular basis, it can mess with hormones.

I have been quite happy with baking soda for my deodorant because it doesn’t cost much, is safe, and very effective.  No more buying toxic ingredients that mess with my health, my hormones, my well being.  Drop us a comment and let us know what you have found to work for your natural deodorant or if maybe you have made the decision to give this a try!


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