Adrenal Fatigue- Has Your “Get Up And Go” Got Up And Went? Heal Your Adrenals Naturally.

Feeling exhausted and not having much motivation?

Do you easily feel overwhelmed and on the verge of a “breakdown”?  How about this, are you tired when you just got up?!  Dealing with excess irritability and moodiness?  If you are having these kinds of symptoms and they seem to be hanging on or getting worse, you would do yourself a favor to start loving on your adrenals.  You may have adrenal fatigue.  Those little glands that sit on your kidneys all day long can make or break your moods, energy levels, hormone levels, health and overall well being.

The Adrenals –  Amazing Little Glands

The adrenal glands, one sitting on top of each kidney, are a part of the endocrine system.  The endocrine system is composed of the glands in the body that make hormones, regulate metabolism, development, growth, moods, controlling inflammation, sleep, sexual development, etc….  So, adrenal glands being part of the endocrine system play a major role in your health.  These little glands are a big deal when it comes to how you respond to stress.  When you are attacked with a “stressor”  that is either emotional, physical, or mental, your adrenals release adrenaline hormones.  These hormones produce a “fight or flight” response which help you react to these stressors by rushing blood to your muscles, heart, and brain. This helps your body to survive in a stressful situations.   Another hormone that is secreted during times of stress is cortisol. Cortisol otherwise known as the stress hormone is very important for optimal and balanced adrenal health.  Cortisol is made in the “cortex” of the adrenal glands and is circulated throughout your body in the bloodstream.  Your body makes cortisol to help you cope with stress.  The problem is when you have on going mental, emotional, and physical stress on a consistent basis.  This causes your adrenals to keep pumping out adrenaline and cortisol which can only go on for so long before you come to a grinding halt.  This is when you have exhausted your adrenals.  They can no longer pump out the hormones efficiently.  It’s time to “flip off some switches” if you want to avoid a complete meltdown.


Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue

All of your bodily functions get affected in one way or another when your adrenal glands get “tapped”.
They will  stop producing adrenaline and cortisol efficiently, and that’s a big no-no.  Some symptoms include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • lethargy
  • low libido
  • weight gain especially in mid-section
  • inability to focus
  • muscle weakness
  • exceptionally hard to get up and get going in the morning
  • cravings for salty foods
  • overall exhaustion
  • lack of motivation
  • have a hard time trying to accomplish simple tasks
  • sleep lightly, wake up often, wake up early
  • pale, thin, dull skin
  • hair loss, thinning, lifeless hair
  • under eye circles
  • body aches
  • poor immune function, get colds or sick easily
  • irritability that is hard to shake

Things That Contribute To Getting Adrenal Fatigue

  • Over committed schedule
  • consistently going to bed late and waking early
  • poor diet with lots of sugar and processed food
  • to much coffee or other stimulants
  • continuous negative emotions like anger, stress, fear, depression, anxiety
  • no quality down time, never time to just “smell the roses”
  • exercising or fasting when you are under excessive stress

How To Nourish Those Adrenals Back To Good Health Again

It took some time to exhaust your adrenals, it just doesn’t happen over night. It will also take some time to heal the adrenals, how long depends on the severity of the situation.  Some people go months or even years going on “spin cycle” before they start to experience these concerning symptoms. There are some who will have some of the above mentioned symptoms and think nothing of it until their motor finally starts to seize and it gets their attention, when they have lost all pep in their step no matter how much sleep they try to get.  That seems to be the biggest attention grabber and for good reason.  It is at this stage of the game you lose all drive and motivation to even carry out the most basic of skills.  What steps can a person take to revive their adrenals once again?

  1. Diet – you will need to tweak a few things in your diet if you want to heal your adrenals.
    It would be wise to eliminate sugar for starters.
    Avoid it as much as possible.  I understand this is not easy.
    This would be a great time to look into the safe alternative to sugar called stevia.
    If you absolutely must have a little bit of sweetness in your life,
    remember, just a little, then along with some stevia use some raw honey.
    |I am a realist.  I know that if you tell someone they can have ZERO sugar
    they will sooner or later bomb it!  So, I am not against choosing
    a healthy alternative like raw honey as long as it is used very sparingly.
    Quite honestly I have learned to be very happy using stevia.
    I can make lemonade that could win contests, using stevia 🙂 You can’t even tell!
    It tastes like the real thing. I have learned to bake and cook with monk fruit sweetner, stevia,
    and (sparingly) raw honey.  Another wise thing to do is to cut back on the coffee
    or other caffeinated beverages.
    When you drink coffee it stimulates your adrenals to release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol.
    In an already taxed body you definitely don’t need this.
    Processed food is also a no-no.  It  stresses the adrenal glands and lacks vital nutrients.
    Eat plenty of whole foods that are rich in vital nutrients for the adrenals such as:
    coconut, seeds, nuts, sea salt, avocados, vegetables, berries, organic free range chicken,
    and wild caught fish.
  2. Sleep – try to get to bed at a decent time so you will get at least 8-9  hours of sleep.
    When you sleep your body is repairing and restoring itself.  It is best to fall asleep by 10 pm.
  3. Stress reduction – Stop over committing.
    Don’t be afraid to say “no” sometimes. Do some deep breathing.
    What helps me alot is to find a quiet spot that is free of distractions and pray.
    I love to read the book of Psalms when I am struggling with stress.
    Psalms chapter 37 is a favorite of mine  🙂
  4. Eliminate negativity – Get rid of negative self talk and avoid all negativity. Laugh more.
  5. Take good supplements – Certain supplements provide good adrenal boosting nutrients.
    Some are:
    Magnesium – When going through stress your body tends to get more depleted of magnesium.
    This is a wonderful de-stressor and calmer.  I use this one, and this one.

Vitamin C -Helps with the production of depleted adrenal hormones.  I use this one because of it’s HIGH bioavailability and superior quality over typical absorbic acid vitamin c.

B-vitamins – Plays an important role in cell metabolism and production of adrenal hormones. This is hands down my favorite one because they are already in their biologically active forms.

Ashwagandha – An adaptogen that is good to help regulate stress hormones.  It helps to normalize cortisol levels.  Improves your resistance to stressors. Don’t take this herb when pregnant or nursing.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D may have a role in countering the bad effects of sustained cortisol levels.  If you are not getting enough sunshine, think about supplementing. This is one I use.

Adrenal cortex -This  helps to heal the adrenals.  It has adaptogenic properties and should only be used for mild to moderate adrenal fatigue for the short term.  I personally found these to be a lifesaver when I had  moderate adrenal fatigue.

Holy Basil –  Otherwise known as Tulsi .This works to help the adrenals without being a stimulant.  This is an anti-stress, calming herb.  When you are in early stages of adrenal fatigue when you are still pumping out excess cortisol this herb works to lower it. Obviously don’t take this herb when you are dealing with severe adrenal fatigue because at this point your adrenals are getting tapped and will not be pumping out alot of cortisol.

Lemon oil- This is a great essential oil if you have low energy or fatigue. I personally use it in my morning smoothie for an extra punch.  I use this kind here.

In Conclusion

Recovery time can be as follows:

minor adrenal fatigue: 6-9 months

moderate adrenal fatigue: 12-18 months

severe adrenal fatigue: up to 2 years

Adrenal fatigue is  not often diagnosed, until it is in the severe version called Addison’s disease.  If you suspect adrenal fatigue do something sooner rather than later.  Start making lifestyle changes now.
You will be the better for it.


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