Uses For Activated Charcoal – Black Gold

There is a reason why I keep stocked up on this black powder.

The uses for activated charcoal are numerous.
It finds it’s way into many homes and for good reason.
It has been used as an antidote for food poisoning, stomach bugs,
gas, teeth whitening,  spider bites and much more.
I have used it numerous times on my furry family members
after they ingested something toxic and am happy to report that each time it worked with great results.
That being said, you shouldn’t avoid going to the vet in cases of emergency.
After bouts with nausea, cramping, gas, and food poisoning, my home will not be without it.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a form of  carbon that  comes from coconut shells or wood after they go under intense heat in a controlled atmosphere and then oxidized. Activated charcoal  has strong adsorption properties.  Adsorption is not to be confused with absorption.  Absorption is when a substance enters into another substance, think of water going into a sponge.  Adsorption is when a substance clings to the outside of another substance, think of a magnet clinging onto metal.  The charcoal has  millions of very tiny pores. These pores  work like a magnet in how they attract toxins.  It is said to attract 100 times it’s own weight of toxic materials. Wow!  You want to be careful to not take medicine around the same time as you take activated charcoal because it will adsorb the medicine.  I am convinced that activated charcoal is indeed one of the most potent and powerful detoxifying and filtering substances known to man.  This stuff is powerful good to have on hand, you’ll see what I mean, read on  🙂

Some Uses For Activated Charcoal: 

UPSET TUMMY–  There have been times when I ate something that did not agree with me, at all, or just a quirky stomach sometimes  with nausea and cramps.  I took a couple of charcoal capsules and in about 30-45 minutes it was COMPLETELY gone.  Just like that!

FOOD POISONING-This stuff would be my first choice if I had food poisoning.  Take this for instance, my daughter came home one day after work very hungry.  During the course of the day when she was gone I noticed that someone had left food in the oven for a couple of days, yuck! I took  it out but before I could throw it away I got distracted and left it in the baking dish on the kitchen table.  My ravenously hungry little curly haired daughter decided  this was something momma put out for her as an after work snack and started to devour it.  I gasped when I learned she had eaten it! I quickly had her take some charcoal capsules.  Guess what?  No tummy rumblies, none.  Where was this stuff when I nearly met my maker a few times after going out to eat at buffets and unknowingly ate contaminated food?!

STOMACH FLU BUGGIES– We have taken charcoal when feeling like we were gonna toss our cookies, and every time it worked! At the first hint of nausea we would start poppin them  🙂  We would take about 2 every hour until the nausea packed it’s bags and left.  Of course we would follow up with some  probiotics to replenish the good intestinal flora as well.  It has been said that this stuff is great at stopping diarrhea too!

PETS– There have been times when my dogs somehow ingested something they found on the floor.  We try to be careful but accidents do happen.  One day one of my little fur babies, my chihuahua,  ate some makeup one of my daughters left lay out, another day another one ate a vitamin capsule, once there was shampoo and conditioner left on the shower floor that didn’t wash down the drain and that was quickly eaten.  With my 2 girls there have been times when they dropped a blob of gel on the floor and before they cleaned it up, it was gone!  In all instances we quickly emptied 2 capsules of charcoal into about 1 tsp. of sour cream and mixed it up for them to eat.  It worked wonderful.

GAS– That’s right activated charcoal is excellent at stopping intestinal gas and flatulence.  It adsorbs impurities and byproducts of certain foods  that trigger flatulence as it goes through your digestive tract.

                                                                       TEETH WHITENER

~ (Pardon the scary black image in this picture, it’s hard to make charcoal coated teeth look pretty)
It will adsorb plaque and impurities on the teeth.  You simply put a little on your finger or toothbrush and put a few drops of water on powder to slightly dampen the powder and brush (don’t scrub) gently for about 5-10 minutes (It’s usually closer to 5) and spit out in sink.  Be careful though because charcoal can stain grout.  Yes, the teeth look black while brushing but it comes off easily when you swish water in mouth and spit out.  I probably wouldn’t do this more than 3 times a week.  Remember, brush gently not aggressively. After about 3 weeks to 1 month you should see a difference  🙂

BUG BITES Activated charcoal has been a huge blessing when we get nasty bug bites, spiders in particular.  As soon as possible after the bite occurs we put a poultice of charcoal paste on bite and surrounding area, cover and let sit there for a while.  Others have put some of the paste on the pad of the band-aid and put it on bite area. Be aware that it is messy but well worth it.

DETOXIFIER-   Activated charcoal is very helpful for whole body cleansing.  Chronic exposure to food and environmental toxins can wreak havoc on our health so it’s a good idea to do a detox from time to time  to help your body eliminate toxins  This black powder can also help rid your body of heavy metals.  For example, this is something you may want to consider taking if you know that fish dinner you are about to eat may be questionable due to the mercury content in our seafood today.  Another example, lately the headlines have been revealing the arsenic content in our rice, even the organic brands!  This is a safe way to make sure that arsenic gets flushed out! Many people have also made activated charcoal part of mold  protocols as well.  It is a potent blood cleanser.


You can now see how there are so many uses for activated charcoal.  This is a brand I have used for many years and trust.  You will want to check with your physician before using this product to make sure it is ok for your situation.  It can affect absorption of vitamins and minerals and pharmaceuticals so you need to be careful when you take it.  I would take it about 2 hours away from  other products. It is not something you should take on a regular basis but, as needed.  If you have constant gas, bloating and GI troubles I would look for the underlying cause and not rely on taking charcoal with every meal.  Keep in mind that charcoal adsorbs the vital nutrients you want from your foods and only to be used occasionally.  Many people with GI issues have found relief when they made healthy diet changes and added digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fermented foods and beverages.
Something to think about.


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