Weight Loss Success-7 Amazing Truths That Really Work!

Weight Loss Success-7 Amazing Truths That Really Work!

If I had a dime for every new diet and fad that came along I’d be filthy rich and rollin in the dough!!  Empty promises  with this  pill,  that potion, and gadgets ranging A-Z all guaranteed to give you that body you’ve always wanted and promised weigh loss. Why so many times do they leave you more discouraged than ever  and you don’t get the results you were promised??

First, let’s get real. I mean really real. Dieting is not easy!! There are no shortcuts ,but there are things you need to make sure you are doing to make sure nothing is making it a lot harder than it needs to be. In fact I am convinced that the things we will be discussing in this blog post are absolutely essential to helping you lose that stubborn  weight successfully and not sabotaging your goals.

Come with me as I share 7 very important weight loss truths  to help you  shed that frustration. I won’t lie, you will need true commitment and dedication as with anything for it to work. I wish I could say you’ll get there by just sticking to these key points when you feel like it, then it’s very likely you’ll just throw in the towel because you won’t see the success you’re after. You will also need to be patient with yourself along this journey and really believe in what your doing and surround yourself with good, positive people who will  support you all the way. Because it can get done!!! I’ve seen this work.

You will also  begin to notice improvements in your overall health, energy levels  and your digestion while you are implementing these key points we’ll be talking about  into your diet and lifestyle. Sounds good doesn’t it?? It’s very possible. So what are we waiting for, let’s start!!

1. Lemon water
Upon waking start out with 1-2 cups of warm lemon water. It will immediately start to alkalize your body, flush your digestive system and rehydrate the body. It can increase metabolism too . It also promotes natural cleansing and gives the immune system a boost. Try about a tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice or store bought organic lemon juice in each cup. Of course fresh squeezed is always the better way to go if possible.

2. Practice clean eating
Greatly reducing or completely eliminating grains and sugars will go along way ,not only in losing weight ,but in improving your overall health. They are highly inflammatory and inflammation makes you gain weight.  Not only that it promotes the start of disease as well and steals all your energy.
Yes these types of foods taste good ,but they are not good for you. They are working against you. Swap them out for healthier food choices that will actually promote weight loss and good health and drive down inflammation levels in the body ,up energy levels and elevate moods. Eat more real food and eliminate all processed foods.
Try to eat nutrient dense green salads daily with all sorts of different vegetables in them and a nice, healthy
salad dressing (such as this one here.) without tons of added sugars and high fructose corn syrup as well to go with it. If possible aim for a 75% raw food diet and 25% cooked.
Other food ideas are : green smoothie recipes, sprouted nuts and seeds (no peanuts,cashews or pistachios,they are very high in fungus and molds), free range eggs, organic chicken or turkey, wild caught fish, avocados, sweet potatoes, vegetable stir frys, homemade chicken vegetable soups, low sugar fruits like berries and granny smith apples. Try putting a little almond butter on an apple or celery stick. Fruit smoothies are awesome too. Be sure to check out our smoothie recipes on the blog too 🙂  Stick with natural sweeteners like small amounts of raw honey, pure monkfruit sweetener, or stevia.Check out my dessert section  on the blog. I have some downright delicious  dessert recipes that are especially made for those  on restricted diets. Come back often as I will continually be adding new ones all the time 🙂

3. Work on improving your digestion and healing your gut.
Most people have weak digestion and low stomach acid which leads to all sorts of maladies from IBS to autoimmune disease, inflammation, weight gain , irregularity, depression, anxiety, colitis,chrohn’s disease, indigestion, bloating, flatulence,stomach pain, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, celiac and the list goes on and on.
It’s been said  that all disease starts in the gut (this is where 70% of your immune system is) so that is a good place to start to heal.

Our gut health gets compromised daily from stress, poor diet choices , antibiotics, chlorinated drinking water, environmental toxins,household cleaners and  chemicals , heavy metals, many drugs and medications,etc…. When the gut starts to heal from avoiding the main culprits I just listed and you start to take some  powerful gut and digestion healing supplements and eat a clean diet this is when you will begin to notice many  improvements in your health , moods and energy levels and experience a greater sense of well being.

Here is a list of  digestion and gut supplements I personally take myself. I have noticed a huge difference since being on them.
Zinc (30mgs daily)
Broad spectrum digestive enzymes
HCL and Pepsin
•Gelatin (grass fed)

Another thing I do is I drink  2-3 teaspoons apple cider vinegar in 1/2 cup water ten minutes before each meal. It helps the stomach to produce sufficient stomach acid for optimal digestion. It also helps to burn fat and boost metabolism. Other pointers include : Try to never eat while stressed,  take your time,chew thoroughly and try not to  drink beverages with your meals.Wait 45 minutes before or after to   drink your beverage then. Otherwise you will  further  dilute your already low  stomach acid and make it even weaker. However drink plenty between meals.
Once your gut and digestion issues start to heal this will make it easier to  keep unhealthy weight off. You will begin to feel so much better.
One more note: Fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, water kefir, and kombucha are powerful at healing too when incorporated into the daily diet.

4. Drink more water.
Aim for 8-12 cups a day. Put a squeeze of lemon in it and even some sea salt for added minerals. Being dehydrated can mess with your mental,physical and emotional health. Make sure it is good filtered water. There are so many contaminants in our drinking water including chlorine , unwanted pharmaceutical contaminants and heavy metals to name only a few. I use a gravity fed Berkey water filtration system. I’ve had mine for over 10 years and truly love it!! Try to greatly limit or eliminate all coffee and caffeine as these can cause dehydration.

5. Incorporate lots of healthy fats into your daily diet.
Some wonderful ones to include are : extra virgin coconut oil, Braggs extra virgin olive oil, ghee (clarified butter), avocados, sprouted nuts and seeds, krill oil supplements, red palm oil ( an organic superfood), wild caught salmon, and  grass fed butter. (if you are not dairy sensitive) Healthy fats  can suppress your appetite, reducing  the number of calories you consume  in a day.  They also are known to rev your metabolism and improve your heart health too.

6. Intermittent fasting.
It teaches the body how to utilize the food it takes in much more effectively. Your goal is to eat your calories during  an 8 hour window during the course of each day. Gradually  you will be going about 14- 16 hours without eating (the fasting phase) and than you will have an 8 hour window each day to be eating your meals and snacks. You will want to cut off all eating at least 3 hours before bed.  Here’s a typical example of how someone might do the fast . They would finish eating dinner around 7 pm and then skip breakfast the next day and start eating again around 11 or 12 o clock (lunchtime) .You would not do this every day but aim for 3 days a week  of fasting.  Over time doing  this will  reset your body’s fat burning mechanism , and shift it from carb burning mode to fat burning mode once  again. Intermittent fasting has numerous health benefits one of many being helping you to get to your ideal weight much quicker. I must stress that you will want to be eating clean and nutrient dense foods  when you are eating or the fasting  will be of little to no effect.
During the time your body is fasting it doesn’t have a recently eaten meal to use for energy,so this is when it is more likely to pull from the stored body fat instead of the glucose in the bloodstream.
Remember during the time you are eating, don’t starve yourself. Be sure to eat healthy and incorporate plenty of good fats into your diet like : coconut oil, olive oil, olives, ghee, eggs, avocados, nuts, butter etc… (See number 5.)

You should also notice that after starting , the first few weeks you should  begin to notice greatly diminished sugar cravings also making it  easier to achieve your ideal weight quicker.

Other health benefits from IF include : reducing oxidative damage and inflammation levels in the body (great for preventing disease), it may be beneficial for heart health, good for the brain and may prevent alzheimers, increase longevity, helps the body rid of toxins and repair and rebuild tissues, and the list continues on.  Although healthy women should consider the many benefits of fasting  they should also know that fasting can become an added stressor in their life  if one becomes obsessed with  feeling hungry or watching the clock till it’s time to eat again. In any prolonged stressful situation, cortisol rises and adrenal glands can become overworked resulting in fatigue, anxiety, and irregular periods due to the hormone disruption. So if someone has chronic stress or is  dealing with high or irregular cortisol levels  it is best to first address those problems before starting a fast. Women are affected more rapidly by stress on hormones than men. Note : Caffeine also negatively affects the adrenal glands as well,  potentially causing a cascade of problems if the adrenals are already taxed out and close to exhaustion.

Bottom line is intermittent fasting works very well , but it could potentially create other problems if you are already dealing with adrenal fatigue and chronic stress. So address those problems before beginning.  As with anything check with your doctor first before beginning any type of program.

7. High intensity short burst  exercise.
I like this one because if you are not a big fan  of exercise than this one is for you. It has been proven to have greater fat burning results in the 20 minutes it takes to complete the exercise than it does spending  a few hours or more at the gym doing cardio.  I like that because I spend less  time (20 minutes ) exercising but get more dramatic results than other forms of exercise .
It is such a powerful exercise it is recommended to not do it  more than 2-3 days a week or it can actually do more harm than good.   My favorite one is called “The Peak 8” by Dr. Mercola. The actual exercise only takes about 4 minutes once you break it down. You  start with a warm up of 3 minutes. You can do this with walking, running, rebounding, or a stationary bike. You go a nice relaxed pace the first 3 minutes while you  are warming up.Then when you hit 3 ,5,7,9,11,13,15 and 17 minutes into the exercise that is when you peak for 30 seconds after which you go a relaxed state again of exercising until your next number to peak at. You will be doing eight of these “peaks” in the whole 20 minute workout. The point is to get your heart rate up to your anaerobic threshold for 20-30 seconds , followed by a 90 second recovery period before its your next time to peak.
This type of exercise also boosts your natural growth hormone production (responsible for anti- aging , health and longevity) and can make a dramatic difference in your health if done properly and under a doctor’s supervision.

I am very confident you can and will be able to see some positive results soon!!! So don’t give up .You are on your way to a healthier ,thinner you!! Don’t just live life ,but start to live life abundantly because you can. You have all the tools in front of you ,now you just need some determination. I am excited at what you will begin to accomplish and how much better you are going to feel!! Now go for it!!!

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