6 Ways Diatomaceous Earth Can Benefit Your Health

What is it about this white fossil  powder that is said to do such a wide array of things from detoxing, killing parasites, easing hypertension to improving joint health and so much more? People, animals, and plants can all benefit from using diatomaceous earth, in fact,  I use it every day for myself, my garden, and my pets.  Upon waking in the morning I take 1 tablespoon mixed in about 1/4 cup of water on an empty stomach.  It is one of the most affordable and versatile health products available to improve your health and cleanse your body.  Diatomaceous earth is very rich in silica, the beauty mineral.  It has amazing benefits on hair, skin and nails.  This stuff is awesome!    What can’t this stuff do?!  Well, you are going to learn what this powder is and exactly what it does.


So……….Just What Is Diatomaceous Earth?!

Diatomaceous earth (DE)  comes from tiny skeletal remains (fossils) of single cell algae-like vegetation (marine phytoplankton)  called diatoms.  These fossils are ground into a very fine slightly abrasive powder that is very rich in the mineral silica.  These diatoms are cylinder shaped with holes on the sides, kinda like a rice chex cereal but cylinder shaped.  This fossilized diatom is said to have a strong negative charge and attracts positively charged pathogens into its structure and carries them out of our body.   Some of the things that this negatively charged diatom has an affinity for are  viruses, bacteria, parasites, and heavy metals which all have a positive charge.  There is food grade and industrial grade DE.  The food grade DE is NON TOXIC to people and pets and the one you want for health benefits.  This is very important.


This Is The Way Diatomaceous Earth Works


For starters, diatomaceous earth is very hard.  How hard?  Well, on a hardness scale,  diamonds were only 2 numbers away in hardness from diatomaceous earth. Diamonds were 10 and diatomaceous earth was an 8!  Why is this a good thing?  The fossilized diatoms work well to scrub the walls of the small and large intestines removing parasites and mucous while not bringing any harm to the intestinal walls.  Diatomaceous earth has even been known to keep polyps away.  When unwanted organisms are not in your digestive tract this allows for better assimilation and uptake of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  When your digestive tract is coated with thick mucous it makes it very hard for nutrients to even have a chance at being absorbed.


6 Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

  1. Reduced high cholesterol – There are people reporting that after having their cholesterol checked they have dropped anywhere from 40-60 points after only being on DE for 1 month.  People have known of these positive effects on blood cholesterol for atleast 20 years.  Of course it would be foolish to think you can just take diatomaceous earth and not try to make diet or life style changes if you are truly trying to lower high cholesterol.  This website is about encouraging better life style changes altogether if you want to see health improvements. See study.
  2. Reduced high blood pressure –  Many people have said  that their blood pressure numbers are going down and not just a few points.  It’s making big changes in their readings.  It has been said the high silica content in DE helps to improve collagen and elasticity to blood vessels, veins, and arteries thereby strengthening them.
  3. Helps remove and detox heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, pathogens – It is being said that food grade DE binds to these positively charged substances and helps to escort them out of the body. In all honesty, I am hearing many good testimonials about this but I am a person that likes to see studies.  I don’t see any studies at this time, although I hear that we will soon have them.  I would like to believe that de removes heavy metals and such but want to see those studies  🙂
  4. Skin health – Collagen is partly made up of silica.  Silica helps your skin have and retain healthy collagen. Collagen is vital for youthful skin and “holding it all together”.
  5. Bone and joint health – dietary silicon helps with better bone mineral density and synthesis of collagen. See study here.
  6. Natural toothpaste – add just a little bit to your toothpaste or as an addition to your home made toothpaste for its superb cleaning and whitening qualities while also helping to re-mineralize the teeth.


How To Take Diatomaceous Earth

  • Only use food grade diatomaceous earth.  The industrial grade should never be ingested, leave that for your pool and garden.
  • Start out slowly and build up to desired dose over a week.
  • I use 1 tablespoon a day on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Make sure to not breathe the dust as it can aggravate the lungs.


So…………..What Kind OF DE Do I USE?


I have used this brand for a couple of years because they are high quality FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth and very affordably priced and I enjoy the skin benefits I am seeing and just knowing this is another way to ensure I am getting minerals 🙂   Yes, it is a larger bag but when you buy smaller amounts it is not nearly as cost effective.  When you buy a larger bag the shipping will be higher but the cost of the DE  WITH  shipping included is WAY, WAY cheaper than buying several smaller sized containers. On average just one lb. can cost from 9.00-12.00 and that doesn’t include shipping.  It doesn’t expire, so buy once, save money, and enjoy all the health benefits of one of the most beneficial supplements you can take.  I also share my DE with friends and still have plenty. In fact I have my pets on this and my whole family as well,  and  I still don’t have to order this again for a while  🙂

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