Probiotics Play A Big Role For the Immune System!!

Probiotics  Play a Big Role For the Immune System!!


Probiotic Power

I am  convinced that one of the single most important things you can do to improve your overall health is to take probiotics.  In fact, if I was living on a deserted island  and could only choose one supplement to take, it would be… guessed it , a probiotic.  I know what they are capable of delivering.  I have witnessed first hand what they do. Probiotics for the immune system will go along way in getting your health back on track  in so  many ways.

So……………….Just what is a probiotic anyways?!




Many people know what antibiotics are, but very few people know what a probiotic is.  Probiotics are good bacteria (flora) inside of your digestive tract.   They help you absorb nutrients and fight off the bad bacteria (flora) that cause infections.  The very word probiotic means “for life”  or “promoting life”.  How fitting, I like to say it all begins and ends in the digestive tract.  If your gut is not happy, you will not be happy.  Can I say that again?  IF YOUR GUT IS NOT HAPPY, YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY.



The Role of the Mighty Probiotic

Your digestive health will make or break you.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  Probiotics are the key to optimizing your digestive health which will have a cascade effect on every physiological system of your body.  Let’s take a look.  Did you know that 90% of the neurotransmitter serotonin ( happy chemical) made in your body is found in the gut.  So………..your gut affects your moods.  Whamo!  Wait, there is more.  Where do you think the heart of the immune system is?  Bingo!  The gut.  Research has confirmed that there is a strong correlation between the immune system and the bacteria colonizing your gut.  The harmful bacteria suppress the immune system .  It’s estimated that 70% of the bodies immune system cells reside in the intestinal tract.  Here’s another one, probiotics also have an impact on our hormones.  Our body has an amazing endocrine system which makes more than 50 hormones.  Guess what these hormones affect?  Our health and well being.  Listen to this, cortisol is our stress hormone.  It does marvelous things like help control our metabolism, inflammation, blood sugar levels, etc…however, you don’t want an excess of  cortisol over the long term.  Elevated cortisol levels that are left unchecked will slowly wear your body down by causing adrenal fatigue, hindering normal cell regeneration, impairing digestion,etc……Probiotics can reduce levels of cortisol.  Your digestion also plays a part in helping estrogen levels to not get too high by helping to normalize  bowel transit time to move extra estrogen out of your body so it doesn’t get reabsorbed.  For people with candida, probiotics play a pivotal role in helping to recover and heal from the damage it does.  It helps to heal the gut lining when dealing with any kind of food allergies as well.  The list goes on and on. Beginning to see now the importance of probiotics for the immune system and so many other things ??!! They are important to say the least.



Some Things That Can Kill Off the Good Bacteria



  1. antibiotics
  2. sugar
  3. chlorinated water
  4. stress
  5. chemicals
  6. grain

Some Conditions That Can Be Caused by an Over Load Of Bad Bacteria

  1. neurological issues
  2. vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  3. constipation
  4. diarrhea
  5. chronic bad breath
  6. skin conditions
  7. allergies
  8. candida
  9. hormone imbalance
  10. prostate trouble
  11. bladder infections
  12. poor functioning immune system



4 Ways To Restore Your Gut Health



  1. Avoid toxins and toxic foods—-grains, sugars, antibiotics, pesticides.
  2. Take a quality probiotic supplement. Look for one that will survive stomach acid and reach the intestine and have effective bacteria strains that still have a high potency while being shelf stable.
  3. stress reduction
  4. enjoy some fermented foods and beverages like sauerkraut ,kefir, kombucha, etc….



Probiotics I Use and Trust and Would Recommend




  1. Garden Of Life Raw Probiotics Colon Care
  2. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care 50 billion
  3. Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics 70 billion



Looking to improve digestion, moods, hormones, immune system, general health?  Give probiotics a try, it may change your life, it did mine.
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