Ultimate Dairy Free Vanilla Toffee Frosting

For those of you trying to avoid dairy,
now you can enjoy this tasty dairy free vanilla toffee frosting!

We are picky about flavor here at Wellness Twins
and the recipes you see on this website will NEVER compromise in flavor
while at the same time being healthy for you.
That is one of our missions.
It’s hard  for people who have restricted diets.
It can also be miserable being in situations
where everyone around you is devouring all those goodies you don’t dare eat.
This frosting recipe can be used on any of the cakes and muffin recipes you see on this website.
Now you can be the one to indulge and not compromise on your health at the same time.
I am finding that these ingredients are quickly becoming staples in my house.
It is easier to resist all the tempting snacks and foods
we see in gas stations and stores when we are out and about
if we know there is an arsenal of goodies at home waiting for us.
Oh, and we don’t feel guilty when we are done  🙂

Ultimate Dairy Free Vanilla Toffee Frosting!

• 1 + 1/4- cup organic shortening

• 3 tablespoons raw honey

• 6 droppers of english toffee flavored stevia extract

•  3-4 tsp. organic vanilla

• 1 -Tablespoon arrowroot flour

• 1 -Tablespoon tapioca flour

•  small pinch of  mineral rich sea salt

*****NOTE***** If you want to use other flavors instead of english toffee in your frosting, try these:  vanilla creme, lemon, berry,and hazelnut!

  1. Mix shortening, honey, stevia, vanilla, arrowroot flour, tapioca flour, salt together.
    I didn’t need a mixer because I used shortening at room temperature.
    It looked wonderful, no lumps  🙂
  2. Enjoy!

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