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Easy To Make Hand Sanitizer……..That Is Safe For You!

Easy To Make Hand Sanitizer…..That Is Safe For You!   When I am out and about I like to know that I have a way to clean my hands when I am going out to eat, rub my eye, camping, or whatever.  I used to resort to buying the toxic hand sanitizers from the store and cringed every time I…

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Fermented Sauerkraut Recipe (Easy)

Sauerkraut is a tasty way to incorporate loads of beneficial bacteria into your gut.  This is a very easy recipe.  I enjoy having 1-2 tablespoons of sauerkraut with each meal.  This will help you become more regular, add enzymes to help digest your food, and populate your  gut with good flora.  The sugar and starch in fruits and veggies are…

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How to Make Your Own Powerful Probiotics and Save Lots of Money!!

You would be hard pressed to find one person walking this planet that has never been on an antibiotic of some kind.  In fact, there are multitudes of people who have been on several rounds of antibiotics during their life time.  Antibiotics have been sorely misused and over used.  This has caused a plethora of problems.  Now our world is…

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