Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo/Hair Volumizer (Chemical- Free)

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So ladies,

I am learning that it is much wiser not to wash your hair more than only a few times a week at most.
The reason being, the more often you wash your hair you are actually stripping it of its own natural oils and causing
your hair to become more dry, brittle and prone to damage by over washing.shower-1027904_960_720
Over washing also robs your hair of its natural shine and luster as well.

Washing hair less often will make it less prone to heat damage from blow drying and styling and product buildup
which in turn will lead to less damage and not to mention save you more money .

One great way to help in between washings if you’re like me and more prone towards oily hair
is something called dry shampoo. It’s an  option that works great at absorbing any excess oils
that can make your hair look dirty and/ or greasy in between washings and it gives you a few extra days
to get by between washings on those days you have no time and your quick on the go.

Dry shampoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays.
However, unfortunately many are made with very toxic ingredients as well that are not safe for
you or the environment and they are  expensive too.

face-2936245_1920It’s so easy to make your own and very affordable to make it on an ongoing basis.
This dry shampoo is made with only a few simple ingredients and it’s
a great way to revive and really freshen your look.
I love learning  how to make most things from scratch because then I know what is going into it,
it’s greener and safer , and saves me money. Gotta love that!

This DIY dry shampoo also serves as a great hair volumizer too.
So it will make your hair look cleaner and more fresh by absorbing all the excess oils
while adding more texture and volume 🙂

Remember this is not meant to replace washing , it will just give you a few days longer in between washings.

Don’t worry,I have a recipe for lighter hair, darker hair, and red heads too 🙂  So have fun!!!


First you will need some sort of an empty spice bottle that has a cap with holes at the top
and a lid similar to the one I am using in the picture.
Next, you will need an old foundation brush or even a  thicker style  kids paint brush will work too.
Once you have found your bottle and brush, you are ready to start making one of the
recipes below that pertain to your hair color.

Recipe for brunettes  or red heads :

1/2- cup arrowroot starch or organic cornstarch
3- Tablespoons Moroccan Red Clay Powder or organic Cacao powder (both rich in minerals) Add in a little more if you like it darker.

Optional: 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil if using .  I love using peppermint,patchouli,or lavender.
See why we choose Plant Therapy Essential Oils over all others here.



Recipe for blonde and lighter hair:


1/2- cup arrowroot starch or organic cornstarch
Optional: 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil .

Mix cornstarch or arrowroot and essential oils in a small bowl with a small whisk
and mix well before putting into your bottle.


*******Note******  If using the cocoa powder adding a scent might not come out quite the way you’d expect
if you add in essential oils for a fragrance .
I personally recommend using the red clay powder if you want to add in essential oils ,but
hey, who knows you might still like to try the cocoa powder with  your favorite essential oil in it too.
Cocoa powder smells so good by itself  😉  Have fun experimenting 🙂

Next, mix all dry ingredients together in a small bowl very well with a small whisk.
Lastly, add in your 3-4 drops of essential oil if using
and keep mixing it very good before putting into your bottle.
~ Follow instructions below for applying.



It’s very simple to use.
Sprinkle a few shakes from the bottle directly onto your roots (be careful, not too much)
or put some in the palm of your hands , rub together and massage into the root and crown area.
Which ever method works best for you just go easy.
Let sit a few minutes and then brush through and style as usual.
Another way to apply is to put a little of the powder into the cap of your bottle and dip your brush in it.
Tap lightly to get rid of excess and then brush onto the crown and root area , massage in,  and
brush thru hair after it sits a few minutes.
Sometimes while you are trying to get the hang of using your powder be aware that  if you use too much or your
not rubbing and massaging it all in properly and brushing it through , your hair may have a slightly gray color in
that area from the powder. To avoid this you can also apply it on at night before bed  following all the steps.
It will all have absorbed by morning and you’re all ready to style , brush and go 🙂

I hope you really enjoy using  your hair powder as much as I enjoy using mine <3


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