Meet Linda and Lana


Hi I’m Linda! This Is me.

I’m a happily married homemaker and mom to 3 wonderful children that I home schooled  🙂  I am also part of the “WELLNESS TWIN” duo.  I am a health enthusiast and nutrition geek.  I have  a desire to help others learn how to improve their quality of life through implementing better lifestyle habits. I want to encourage people to take steps, even baby steps, towards investing in their health.  How?  By making better food choices (WITHOUT COMPROMISING TASTE), using natural remedies, lifestyle changes, etc…  I am so tired of seeing cancer, heart disease, auto immune disorders, diabetes, etc…. sky rocket!

Not all doctors are concerned about educating us on how to achieve better health either.  I am a firm believer that we can do much to prevent these diseases. It’s time we arm ourselves with knowledge and start to be more proactive in our journey to better health.  We live in a world with MANY stressors that do affect our health, but we also have access to many powerful foods and natural supplements that can combat these stressors.  Let’s try bombarding our bodies with health and nutrition! I am not against having that “CHEAT TREAT” , trust me, I have them too, but my motto is “Once in a while, not a lifestyle”. At Wellness Twins you will learn about REAL FOOD that tastes incredible, changing up your lifestyle, supplements, superfoods, health and beauty and so much more.  Come learn and then do something with what you learn, be a health crusader.  Together we can make a difference!


Hi I’m Lana, this is me!

I am an identical twin. Not only am I a twin but my mother had 2 sets of identical twin girls. Talk about double trouble!
I am also a christian home schooling mother to 5 beautiful girls and married to one rockstar of a husband.
He’d have to be, living with so many females, and he sure is.
I couldn’t have done it without him. He is pretty amazing. 🙂

My twin sister Linda and I have a real passion for health and wellness.
Together we want to help people thrive to their full potential in their health.
Faced with many various health challenges myself I had to change some things. I got some wake up calls.
I researched alot about healing naturally with alternative medicines and diet changes and today I am more healthy, whole and thriving
because of it.  This can be you too, but I won’t lie, in some circumstances you will need to get radical if you really want to get well, and stay well, but it is do able, in fact more than doable and so worth it!
You’re gonna learn alot here at this blog and I am excited to encourage others in their goals towards wellness too. I strongly believe when you find something good, you share it with others.  🙂  Here’s to good health!


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