Make Your Own Intensely Moisturizing And Hydrating Hand And Body Butter!


I have been making my own body butter for years!
I don’t know about you, but since whatever goes onto my skin goes into my body I care deeply about ingredients.
I can make it fresh and as potent as I want it, and I am in control of what is in the jar.
I like that.  I am sure you do to or you wouldn’t be reading this article  🙂
This recipe  is also very recommended for those of you trying to prevent stretch marks as you carry that little bundle of joy  🙂
This cream would make an elegant gift idea for anyone wanting a deeply moisturizing body butter.
This is the only cream I will use for my hands because just one application goes a long way.
I like to put it on my hands just before bed and wake up to baby soft skin.
It also great after shaving your legs and it won’t sting!


How To Make The Hand And Body Butter


You will need:

unrefined shea butter

organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil

organic, cold pressed avocado oil

organic, cold pressed, argan oil

organic frankincense oil

4 oz. bpa free amber cosmetic storage jar


How to make:

  1. Take about 2 oz. unrefined shea butter and put in a small mixing bowl. I use a butter knife to start chopping at the shea butter and stirring it.  So….chop, stir, chop, stir.  This will create a whipped consistency.  It really is quite easy, just look at the picture in this article of the butter on the spoon.  I used ZERO heat and was able to easily do this in about 3 minutes. **note** don’t store shea butter in the fridge, otherwise you will have to bring it to room temp before making this whip
  2. Add 1 Tablespoon unrefined coconut oil and whip into the shea butter till there are no lumps, this takes about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon  unrefined avacado oil and whip into mixture.
  4. Add 4-5 squirts of unrefined argan oil and whip into mixture.
  5. Add 5-7 drops frankincense oil and whip into mixture.
  6. Put mixture into jar and smile because you just made an incredibly moisturizing, anti-aging, hydrating body butter!  🙂


Regular use of this cream will cause supple skin and make your skin feel like a baby’s bottom.  You have been warned.


So…………What Is So Great About Shea Butter Anyways?!

This superb moisturizer  can help treat many skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, dry scaly skin, stretch marks, and wrinkles.  The moisturizers in shea butter are the same ones produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin.  Many people report that using shea butter on skin injuries has accelerated healing.  Shea butter comes from the seeds of the fruit on the shea tree otherwise known as the karite tree.  The butter contains  essential fatty acids that are very beneficial to the skin and aid in the production of collagen.


How About That Avacado Oil ?!

Cold pressed and unrefined avacado oil is a gold mine of monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid.  When this fatty acid is used on the skin you will experience an instant improvement on the texture and appearance of the skin. It will deeply hydrate, soften, and nourish skin tissues.  Some people have reported its lightening effects on skin blemishes.  Since I have been using avacado oil on my face I noticed my skin is very moist and supple, including in the winter!  Oh, and I have forced air heat and wood heat which is extremely drying to the skin.  I make my own face moisturizer which includes not only the avacado oil but shea butter as well and it provides a protective skin barrier from harsh sun, wind, and heat.  I love, love, love it!

Coconut Oil Makes Your Skin Look Delicious!  🙂

This naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil is also an excellent moisturizer.  I would even recommend people with diabetes to rub this on leg sores liberally as a natural way to prevent infections while moisturizing at the same time.  Coconut oil contains proteins that help to rejuvenate the skin  and promote good cellular health. This oil also contains vitamin e as well as several fatty acids.


Argan Oil, Liquid Moroccan Gold!

I don’t know where to start with this powerhouse of a moisturizer.  It is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  It moisturizes without making your skin feel greasy.  The anti-inflammatory affects of the  naturally occurring vitamin a and e help to soothe the skin.  This oil helps to restore elasticity and hasten skin regeneration.  It it a wonderful anti-aging oil that many use on their face and even around their eyes to hydrate dry and dull crepey looking skin.


Frankincense Is Da Bomb!

If you have been visiting this website you know how passionate we feel about frankincense.   Among many, many powerful properties of frankincense, it  is also very beneficial for skin health.  It has strong astringent properties.  It helps to lift and tighten saggy baggy skin.  It naturally helps to slow down skin aging.  Obviously it is an important adjunct to healthy looking skin but for optimal skin health be mindful of what you eat and how you implement protection for your skin while out in the sun too! Oh, and did I say hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and then when you are done, hydrate some more!  🙂   Frankincense also reduces the appearance of large pores.  Among all these skin benefits there are also countless testimonials on how frankincense has helped skin cancer pack it bags!  So………..yes, I love frankincense!  Click here to read more about this KING OF ALL ESSENTIAL OILS!


I know this was supposed to be a recipe and well, not an article where I am rambling on and on but, I am just a little excited about this body butter as you can tell!  One important tip when using this hand and body butter.  It is very rich and a little goes a long, long way.  That being said, I like to run my hands under the water and then shake them off and run them up and down my arms and legs making them moist, this causes the body butter to sink in better and spread nicely.  So……………Enjoy reaping the benefits of happy skin!


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