8 Amazing Ways to Improve Your Health With Frankincense


Frankincense, a gift.


Perhaps you have heard about frankincense as you were growing up and heard the Christmas story told to you.  You might recall the part of the story that would tell about the three wise men that brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ child.  I often wondered what was so special about the frankincense and the myrrh that it would be included right alongside the gold for the gifts that were given.  I have since learned why this dried  sap from a tree, this unbelievable remedy, is so valuable to mankind.  This is hands down one of the most powerful remedies known to man.  Many are looking into frankincense’s potential to help fight cancer.  I now don’t go a day without using frankincense in some way as part of my daily health regimen.


What is Frankincense?


Frankincense  also known as olibanum is harvested from trees of the genus , Boswellia .   Frankincense oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia Carteri, Boswellia Sacara, Boswellia Frereana and Boswellia  Serrata  trees.  These trees are grown  throughout the middle east in  Somalia, Yemen, Oman, and Ethiopia. They are  unique trees in that they can grow straight out of a rock.    The resin is made by cutting the tree allowing resin to flow and then harden.  Sometimes the resin flows naturally by itself as well.  This resin is then used to make frankincense essential oil by the  steam distillation process. There are numerous constituents that make  frankincense  oil so valuable.   There are two that really stand out, monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.  Monoterpenes are cleansing and  help escort toxins out of two important organs, your liver and your kidneys. Monoterpenes also help to  protect cells and provides benefits to mood and cognitive health while sesquiterpenes are very anti-inflammatory,  help to stimulate glands and cross the blood brain barrier helping to increase oxygen to the brain.  Sesquiterpenes are known to be very effective in fighting cancer as well because of its oxygenation effect on cells and it  has the ability to reprogram cellular memory affecting our dna.  Remember, this is only two of many powerful constituents in frankincense oil!  This oil is KING when it comes to essential oils!  No wonder it was included as one of the three gifts brought to baby Jesus.



 8 Frankincense Oil Benefits


  1. Helps strengthen the immune system- frankincense has antiseptic, anti bacterial, and anti viral properties
  2. Enhances cellular health- oxygenates cells which promotes healthy cellular function
  3. Potential to fight cancer- the beta-elemene in the oil has been shown to inhibit proliferation of cancer cells.  Incensole acetate and triterpenes, two constituents that  have strong anti cancer effects and are known to help prevent tumor formation.  Sesquiterpenes and their action on cellular memory has anti cancer benefits as well as the oxygenation it promotes in the body.
  4. Colds- frankincense oil can help break up mucous in the lungs and respiratory tract
  5. Anti depressant and anti anxiety- the incensole acetate in the oil has an effect on the part of the brain that controls our emotions.  The incensole activates a protein in the brain that has a strong anti depressant action that induces peace there by   making  you feel more calm and relaxed
  6. Oral health- frankincense is very anti septic and is used as a disinfectant
  7. Anti aging to the skin- tone and tighten the skin while improving elasticity
  8. Helps to balance hormones- has endocrine system benefits and regulates estrogen production.  The sesquiterpenes help to balance hormones and emotions.  Sesquiterpenes increase oxygenation  to two endocrine glands in the brain, the pineal and pituitary . These glands help to balance the hormones that regulate emotions.


How to Use Frankincense Oil


You can enjoy the effects of frankincense oil by topical use, vaporizing,  or diffusing.  Some people have also chosen to ingest small amounts of a high quality food grade oil  with stringent quality standards.   Do your research.  I have ingested the oil  but only after  I did much research and I don’t use large amounts by any means.  I have known people who have rubbed a few drops of frankincense on their breast tissue and their cysts improved greatly and or disappeared altogether.  Others have used frankincense oil in their diffuser or 1 drop under their tongue once or twice a day to treat depression .  Some people have put 1 drop of a high quality  frankincense oil under their tongue 3 times a day as a powerful adjunct to their cancer protocol.  I am not advocating that you ingest this oil, but that you research for yourself and then make your own decision based on what you feel comfortable with.   Some use frankincense in their diffuser to help clear up their air passages when they have a cold or respiratory condition.  Frankincense can be applied directly to the skin or diluted with a carrier oil.  Frankincense is safe to use on the skin but some people may have sensitivities to the oil, so do a spot test first.  Frankincense has blood thinning properties so use with caution if you are on blood thinners and check with your health care professional.


Bottom Line


As you can see, frankincense is at the top of my list when it comes to essential oils.  When picking out any essential oil make sure you check for high quality standards.  You want oils that  are not diluted or cut with any other oils, free from any additives or adulterants.  Ask the company for a GC/MS test verification.  Make sure they are high quality.  I do not like buying oils from multi- level marketing,  to me it is a lot of hype at high prices.  Remember when buying essential oils from MLM companies that several people have to make money off that one bottle of oil you just bought, that is the main reason the prices are way over the top. People want high quality oils at prices that they can afford, yes, they do exist.  This is the frankincense oil I use. I love the integrity and high quality of the oils. It is also an organic oil.  It is NOT MLM.  The cherry on top is that no matter what size the order is, shipping is free!  So….enjoy the benefits of using a high quality oil at a price you can afford 🙂


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