6 Sure Fire Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy Foods


Trying to find ways to get your kids to eat healthy foods can be challenging
for a lot of parents.

I have had several people ask me over the years how I get my children
to eat their veggies and actually like them so much that they ask for seconds.
It can be hard to get your kids to like more than chicken nuggets, pizza, and macaroni and cheese.
However, you can make healthy versions of these foods that can actually taste better than their unhealthy counterparts.
When it comes to recipes, that’s what our aim is to do on this website.
In fact, you might even call it a hobby of sorts for me to copy cat “unhealthy” foods
and make  healthier versions all without compromising taste but actually making them taste even better!
This is my forte!
I believe it’s never to late to introduce new foods and teach our kids to make healthier food choices.
It’s all in how you tactfully approach your kids, our goal is not to force them.

When I was a kid,
I remember spending the night at someone’s house
and I was forced to eat this big pile of food on my plate that was deemed as healthy but I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.
This is not the right approach.
Let’s take a look at 5 ways to get even the pickiest of eaters to love what is on their plate.


You Can Do This…. Even With The Most Finicky Eater


I know first hand these are ” No Fail” ways to get children to love healthy food choices.  Not only did this work on my three children but I have seen it work with my five nieces as well  🙂  I have friends that have implemented these techniques with success too.  So……… here we go:


1. Be wise about the timing of introducing new foods.  Don’t ask little Johnny to try eating a salad after he just inhaled 5 candy bars.  Won’t work.  Wait until little Johnny is quite hungry. 🙂   A good time would be after running around and playing outside or swimming, bike riding, you get the picture.  Let him work up an appetite first.


2. When you go grocery shopping, ask them to help you pick out the food, with your guidance of course.  For example,  have your children pick out 3 of the best looking tomatoes, or which avocados do you think will be best for our guacamole?  Try giving them choices so they think they have a part in what kind of foods you will be bringing home. Ask them if they would rather have cantaloupe or pineapple and then tell them to pick out the best looking one.


3. Make sure that you don’t have bad food choices in the house, that way all that’s left are good food choices to pick from.  They will learn to make choices among the healthier food options you have in the house without the temptation of eating junk food.  It won’t help if you have a bunch of candy or soda laying around when you offer an apple with nut butter on it.


4. If your little one wants a  sugar loaded cookie or cupcake try to find recipes for healthier cookies and cup cakes you can offer.  Make “healthy” copy cats.  For example, instead of sugar, use monk fruit sweetener , stevia, and  raw honey, or gluten free flour instead of wheat flour.   Remember, don’t forget about waiting till they are hungry and let them help you make them.


5. Let them help make the food or have them make it all by them self under your guidance.  Don’t get cranky if they spill a little flour or get a little guacamole on the floor, lovingly teach and guide them with patience.  remember, you want this to be good memories for them.  I would even suggest getting them an apron so feel real special in the kitchen.


6.  Have them help set the table and bring the food they made to the table.  Let them put their salad together on the plate.  If they grab more tomatoes than lettuce, so what, at least they are eating better and that’s the idea.  If you want them to eat more lettuce, how about a healthy mid day snack of some lettuce they picked from the garden and dressing they made or helped buy and let them put the dressing on.  Do you see where I am going with this?  It works.


In conclusion I would like to say that we are investing in our children when we spend time  teaching them good eating habits and how to make wiser food choices. It’s also an investment in their health at the same time. Starting as young as possible goes a long way and it will be easier to implement too.If we do our job from our heart with love and patience we will reap the benefits as we see them turn into adults and watch them teach their children while building good memories along the way  for them to look back on.  We have a chance to make a difference that can affect many generations, think about that.



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